Administrative Reports



Southern Fulton School District Work Session


Tuesday, June 20, 2006



    District Report


No Child Left Behind


Information regarding Adequate Yearly Progress will be announced in late July-early August.


Information from the District Nurse


Student health room visits for the district were 11,146 this year.  We had 11,049 last year.

Staff health room visits for the district were 157 this year.  We had 128 last year.

BMI’s (body mass index) were calculated for grades K-6 this year.  22% of our students were in the 95th or above percentile, while 13% of our students were in the 86th to 94th percentile.  This means that 35% of our elementary students are either overweight or at risk of becoming overweight.  According to our PANA material, the state average for overweight children is around 15%.  Ours is 22% at SFES.




The superintendent will attend a PSBA negotiating seminar on June 23. This is the second part of a three-part training.


HB 39


A property tax reform bill has passed. At this point, our professional organizations are recommending that districts wait to see how/if the state acts in amending the bill.


Thank You


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all faculty, staff, and administration for their hard work this past year. I would also like to thank the board, collectively and individually, for being committed to improving student achievement in Southern Fulton.







High School Report



Student of the Month/Recognition


There will be no students of the month for June.  They would be recognized for six days which is not fair to the other students.  This program will begin again in September.


Field Trip Report


The 8th grade went to NYC on June 9-12.

The Spanish club will be in Europe- Paris, Barcelona, and Rome from June 19 – July2.




Graduation – 52 students: 3 certificates of attendance, 49 diplomas.


$149,300 in scholarships for the seniors

39% are attending a 2 year college or technical school.

29% are attending a 4-year college or university.

20% have entered the workforce.

12% have enlisted in the military.


Upcoming Dates


August 22nd – 7th Grade orientation

August 31 – Open House 7:00-8:30 p.m..



Elementary Report


Accountability Block Grant


Tammi Ifert and I completed the final year expenditure report for the 05-06 school year.


I just received information that our Accountability Block Grant for the 06-07 school year is “contingent upon final passage of state budget.”



Federal Programs Report


Southern Fulton School District received a “glowing” report from the state department of education regarding the Federal Program Monitoring.  For each category that was scored, we received a rating of 4.  A 4 is the highest rating – “High degree of implementation.”


I will be writing the grant for the 06-07 school year within the next few weeks.



Facilities Manager Report




Weather permitting, the roof restoration at the elementary building should be completed by the end of June.


Summer cleaning of the high school and elementary is on schedule.


Construction of the district offices at the elementary has been started.



Business Manager Report


Meeting with Gordon Walker


Mr. Scott and I met with Gordon Walker and Bill Kruck on June 12, and they provided us with some projected schedules concerning the debt repayment. The schedules show that by keeping an investment of $3,000,000.00 invested for at least 4%, we will have to enact a .4 mill increase to cover our debt as it comes due. If we have money that can be invested this year, then the schedules would change depending on the amount that we would have to set aside. Beginning in 2010 we must make annual payments of at least $1,031,192.50 to pay down debt.


Our budgeted figures for 05-06 show that the projected revenue for 05-06 is 8,938,066.00 and we have received 8,957,658.60. Our expenses thru May 31, 2006 have been 7,596,842.82. This leaves a balance of 1,360,815.78, before June expenses. Looking at our cash receipts and disbursements journal at the end of May, you will see that we have 507,734.66 in INVEST account and we have not touched that money. The reserve amount of 335,661 from 05-06 is included in this figure.



Technology Specialist Report


Certification Update


I have received my Vocational Instruction Certificate Level II from PDE.  This allows me to continue teaching computer-related courses. 





“The World is Flat”


The above titled book authored by Thomas L. Friedman has been mentioned in many seminars I’ve attended and technology articles I’ve read throughout the year.  In the book, he talks about his travels abroad and how technology (especially fiber optics and the Internet) has reshaped and continues to reshape the global workforce.


For example, x-rays taken at night could be read by a doctor in Australia as it is their normal work day there.  Online tax returns are being processed by people in India.  He has a quote in the book that goes something like this:  “It used to be we’d say eat your food because there are people overseas starving.  Now it’s do your homework because there are people overseas waiting to take your job.”


It’s important to understand that this is the environment our students are facing as they apply for jobs.  One of the best quotes I’ve heard recently is:  “Schools are here to prepare our students for their future, not our past.”   This book gives a very good picture of our students’ future in the global environment.