Administrative Reports



Southern Fulton School District Work Session


Tuesday, April 17, 2007



District Report


Budget Process


The first round of meetings with administrators and supervisors has concluded. Once the numbers are compiled, the administration will again review the budget requests to prioritize and adjust as necessary. A Budget Committee meeting date and time have to be set.


Act 1 PTA Presentation


The superintendent spoke to the PTA on April 9 about Act 1 and the upcoming ballot question regarding raising the Earned Income Tax rate to pay for tax reductions.


Tuscarora Blended Learning Charter School


The charter for the TBLCS is due for renewal in July. This topic will be future discussion and action items.


NHS and NJHS Induction Ceremonies


The ceremonies held on April 13 went very well. Mrs. Judy Schriver and Mrs. Heather Hollenshead are the advisors and did an excellent job of organizing the ceremonies.


PARSS Conference


As approved in August, the superintendent will attend the annual PARSS conference in State College. A student from Southern Fulton is then eligible to win a $500 scholarship if the district’s name is chosen.




Two recent surveys were completed and submitted on time. One was for the Office of Civil Rights and the other was for PANA.







The prom is on May 12 from 5:00 to 10:30. Consider you and your spouse as invited, but please let Mr. Gilliland know if you plan to attend.



High School Report


Success Stories


Damon Gordon is Junior High Student of the Month


I would like to recognize the Scholastic Scrimmage team next Board meeting (May).  I would also like to show highlights from their two appearances on the TV show.


Building Usage


WAYS has requested to use the upper field and shot put area and inside of track from March 17- May 30th.  They will use it when not in use by our track team. 


The Needmore Fire Department has requested use of the gym on April 21 for Donkey Basketball.  This was approved last month as done in the past.


The PTA will use the high school auditorium May 3, 2007 for the annual spelling bee from 6:30 – 9:30.


Field Trip Report


On March 29 the FFA went to their annual Area Public Speaking Conference at Martinsburg, PA.  Monies from FFA.  Josh Sipes received a 2nd Conservation, moving on to Regionals.  Keri Schriever received a 3rd Senior Prepared, moving on to Regionals. Brittany Spade received a 5th Senior Prepared.  Heather Pittman received a 6th for Senior Prepared. Howard Poole received a 4th in Creed Speaking, and alternate Justin Carbaugh with a 7th Creed Speaking. Congratulation to all.


Mr. Hollenshead and Mr. Kuhne are taking the grades 7-12 Environthon teams to Cowan’s Gap State Park on April 17, 2007 as budgeted and as was done in the past.


Ms. Bickle has requested to take the FFA to the PA Farm Show Complex in April 28, 2007 for the annual Rodeo.


The FFA has requested to go to the Wrightsville, evergreen farm on May 1, 2007, as approved in August.  This is to review equine terminology, judging, tack, and oral reasoning in preparation for horse judging CDE.


The FBLA has requested to go to the State Leadership Conference on April 30-May 2.  This was as done in the past and has been budgeted.


Mr. Hoffner has requested to take the Seniors to H.B. Mellott’s Estate Inc. for the annual interview fair.  This will be held May 2, 2007, from 8:10-11:45 a.m.


Mr. Kuhne and Mr. Hollenshead requested taking the 7-9 grade Eco Meet Teams

to Raystown Lake for the Annual Eco Meet Competition on May 4, 2007, as budgeted and as was done in the past


Mr. Hollenshead has requested to take the Environmental Club to the Land Judging Competition in McConnellsburg on May 8, 2007.


The life skills will go to the Maryland Theatre from 11:00 – 2:30 on May 10.  This is a play from Dr. Suess which has been studied in class.  Money in budget for field trips and approved in August.


Mrs. Schriver has requested to take the Physics class to Hershey Park along with honor societies for the annual Physics Day on May 18, 2007.  As approved in August.


Conference Request Report


Jen Keebaugh will attend a training to participate in the Driver Education end-of-course skills test on May 8, 2007. 




The honor Society Inductions went smoothly on Friday, April 13, 2007, at 6:30 p.m.


The Student Council is sponsoring a play by Saltworks play group on Bullying.  This play will be presented on Friday April 27, 2007, at 9:30 a.m.  The play deals with bullying and its causes.  Funds are being used from the student council account.




Graduation historical report


College Course dual enrollment report



Elementary Report


PTA News


Top sellers for Wolfgang Candy will be receiving a limo ride to Pizza Hut on April 24, 2007.

The annual PTA Spelling Bee will be held on May 3, 2007, at 7:00 p.m. in the high school auditorium.


The next PTA Meeting will be held on Monday, May 14 at 6:30 p.m.




Deanne Baker and Louise Strait will be attending a conference on May 16, 2007, entitled, “Every Child Matters”.


Sally Wilson will be attending an Access PA Meeting at TIU 11 on April 24, 2007.


PSSA Information


The fourth-grade students will be taking the PSSA Science Field Test on April 26, 2007.  The school district will not receive any scores from this particular field assessment.


Accountability Block Grant


The Accountability Block Grant is completed and submitted.  Once the amount of money is finalized, I will let you know. 




Mrs. Mottern informed me that an electric kiln has been donated to the elementary school by a student’s grandfather.  I will be sending a thank you letter.




Southern Fulton Elementary is one of 34 schools across the country that will be receiving a $25,000 Computer Lab Makeover.  We should be receiving 20 laptops with a mobile cart soon.  I want to publicly thank Christopher Bryan for nominating Southern Fulton Elementary School!!


Tutoring Program


Mrs. Heather Hollenshead has helped to initiate a reading tutoring program for some first-grade students.  National Junior Honor Society Students are tutoring first-grade students in reading after school for an hour a day for 9 days.  




The student forum along with Mr. Sholes gave a 30-minute presentation to all fourth, fifth, and sixth-grade students on the dangers of the internet on Tuesday, April 10.  The responses from teachers were overwhelmingly positive.



Jump Rope for Heart


The students raised $3,401.25 for the American Heart Association by participating in Jump Rope for Heart.  Kudos to Southern Fulton Elementary Students and Parents!


Upcoming Events



17                First-grade field trip to circus in Altoona

18                11:00 Luncheon to honor volunteers



3                    Game 24 Competition for students in grade 3 and 4

4                    Game 24 Competition for students in grades 5 and 6

10                Kindergarten field trip to MD Theatre

11                Fourth-grade field trip



Federal Programs Report


Nothing to report.




Facilities Manager Report


Nothing to report.




Business Manager Report



I have given you an updated expenditure report for the period ending 04-30-07.  It shows that we have approximately 31% remaining.


We are in the process of working with Unifund to upgrade our accounting system to BudgetSense. The implementation period anticipated will begin with 07/01/07 for Accounting and Accounts Payable with Payroll October 1, 2007.






Technology Specialist Report


WAN Project Update


Sting communications did a site visit at both the high school and elementary school as part of the IU’s wide area network (WAN) communication project.  This project will allow our school buildings to connect to the Internet at a bandwidth of 100Mbps (we currently connect at 1.5Mbps).


As part of this project, we are scheduled to have towers mounted to the roofs of our buildings.  Since the towers will be owned by Sting Communications, they will be responsible for any damage that the towers may create from leaking, falling, etc.  Sting Communications has installed equipment like this for several other intermediate units.


Internet Filter Status


I have a trial period until June 2007 for a separate server that performs both firewall and Internet filter functions.  If this performs well and does all the functions we need, it will reduce our yearly Internet filter cost by about $1,500.  Since it is a separate server and not just software, we may be eligible for eRate refunds for this which will cut our cost even further.


PowerSchool Problem


There was a problem with PowerSchool resulting from an upgrade which prevented outside access and also prevented some teachers from having their grades posted on the Internet.  This lasted for approximately one day and has been resolved.