Administrative Reports



Southern Fulton School District Work Session


Tuesday, January 16, 2007



    District Report


Collective Bargaining


The initial meeting with the Southern Fulton Education Association was held on Monday, January 8, 2007, within the time frame set by law. As required, a state mediator was present. The collective bargaining agreement with the professional staff expires on June 30.


School Delays/Cancellations


To date all schools in this area have avoided any delays or cancellations because of bad weather. This is the first time in five years that Southern Fulton has not had any cancellations by this date. We have a lot of winter left, though. In order, the remaining snow make-up days are February 16, March 5, and March 9.


School Safety Presentation


Pending Board approval of an early dismissal on Friday, February 2, Trooper Jeff Petrucci of the Pennsylvania State Police will present a school safety in-service to Southern Fulton faculty and staff.


TIU Health Care Consortium Meeting


The TIU Health Care Consortium meeting scheduled for January 8 was postponed until a later date, undetermined as of now.


PDE Principals’ Advisory Regional Committee


Mr. Scott serves as the superintendent representative for Tuscarora Intermediate Unit 11 on one of the several regional advisory committees for the statewide PDE initiative to provide professional development for both new and experienced principals who have been selected to participate. Mrs. Trail, as indicated in the elementary report, is a participant in the program. The next advisory committee meeting is Thursday, January 18, in Altoona.



High School Report


Student of the Month


December: The junior high student selected was Lacey Beatty


January: The junior high student selected is Annette Hull.  The senior high student is Jessica Hull.  Each will be presented a plaque and certificate.


Success Stories




The Keystone FFA Degree was awarded to 276 members at the FFA Mid Winter Convention held January 8th during the 2007 PA Farm Show.  It is the highest degree that can be bestowed to a member at the state level.

Four of our members received this degree:  Mike Beatty, Brittany Spade, Keri Schriever, and Heather Pittman.  Brittany, Keri, and Heather also participated in the Keystone Essay Contest.  Four of our freshman members received free FFA jackets based on an essay an application filled out in November: Carlos Calderon, John Curtis, Stephen Wilt, and Autumn Garland.


Other happenings with our FFA members:  Andy Meyer placed 11th with his crossbred market swine and also was one of 27 students who received a $3,500 scholarship.




The following people placed at FBLA competition:


Student Name

Testing Event


Serena Bishop

Introduction to Business


Tara Wadusky

Introduction to Business


Evan Ifert

Impromptu Speaking


Ashley Poole & Christi Smith

Management Decision Making Team


Jessica Hull, Lindee Harr,

Desi Powell, Natalie Keebaugh, and Emily Garland

Parliamentary Procedure Team



Please note that Tara Wadusky and the Parliamentary Procedure Team are eligible to participate in the State FBLA Competition.







Kevin Truax placed 3rd in his section at District Chorus. The top ten chairs in each section advance to Region III Chorus in February. In Regional competition, the top four in each section will advance to All State. Please wish Kevin well as he prepares for that audition. He will have 6 weeks to learn an entirely new program of music for that festival.


Building Usage


The FFA is requesting usage of the gym, cafeteria, and auditorium on January 20-21 for a lock-in and volleyball tournament.


The SF Cheerleaders are requesting to use the cafeteria on 2/11/07, for a Basket Bingo as a Fundraiser for the trip to Nationals in Williamsburg,  VA.


The FFA is requesting to use the cafeteria on February 28, 2007, from 6:00 – 10:00 for a Pesticide Education Continuing Education Workshop as done in the past.


Field Trip Report


On January 8 the FFA went to the PA Farm Show Mid Winter Convention and FBLA went to Central Penn College-Region 26 for the regional Competition.  (See success stories)


Mrs. Mottern is requesting to take the Art Honor Society to the Franklin Science Museum & Art Institute of Philadelphia on 2/13/06 to view the King Tut exhibit.


Student forum is going to the IU on January 16.


Mr. Sholes requests to take the Scholastic Scrimmage team to State College on January 31 for the second round of Scholastic Scrimmage.


Conference Request Report


Amanda Miller is going to a video conference at the IU on January 17.


Julie Dickerhoff is requesting to go to a volleyball coach’s clinic on February 8.


On March 4, 5 &6 the junior high team consisting of Valerie White, Wendy Ritz and Heather Hollenshead are requesting to go to the PMSA-middle school association conference in Harrisburg.  Was funded in this year’s budget.


Matt Quigg is requesting to go to the AD conference on March 22 and 23.




End of 2nd Marking Period


End of Second Marking Period January 17, 2007. Mid-terms will be given the 18, 19 and 22 of January.  Report Cards will go out January 26.




January 25, 2007, periods 7-9 the 9th graders will follow a votech rotation as an exploratory adventure.




Elementary Report


PTA News


The PTA will be having a fundraiser with Wolfgang beginning on January 30, with the kick-off assembly.  The fundraiser will run through February 21.


The next PTA meeting will be held on Monday, January 22 at 6:30 p.m.




Mr. John Barkow will be attending a conference on January 19, 2007, entitled “Accelerating Student Learning in Social Studies.”


Mrs. Denise Conley will be attending a clinic on February 9, 2007, entitled, “PA Volleyball Coaches Association Clinic.”


NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress)


Southern Fulton Elementary fourth-graders have been selected to take part in this national assessment.  The assessment will take place on February 21, 2007.  Mr. Rupert and I will be meeting with a NAEP Representative on Tuesday, January 16, at 9:00 a.m. to discuss who will be giving the assessment, what are the procedures, notification of parents, etc.


Nature Trail


Thank you to Lory Baker and Greg Reinke (Fulton County Conservation District) for diligently seeking out a grant worth $2, 995.00 for the nature trail!!  I was informed a few weeks ago that Southern Fulton has been awarded the grant.


Lory Baker, Tom Knox, Mike Shade, and Herb Brambley are meeting to discuss plans for the nature trail.  These teachers will meet on January 17, to develop a survey for the teachers.  Then they will meet again on January 30, to discuss the results of the survey and discuss next steps for the nature trail.


These teachers have also applied for a $15,000 grant.  I hope to hear news regarding this grant in the next two weeks.


PANA (Pennsylvania Advocates for Nutrition and Activity)


The first building level PANA meeting was held on January 10, 2007, at 3:30 in the elementary library.  All members of the committee were present.  The items that were discussed include party nutritional guidelines and fundraising guidelines.  The next meeting is scheduled for February 21 at 3:30.


Pre-K Committee


The next Pre-K meeting will be held today, January 16, at 3:30 in the elementary library. 


Leadership Training


I will be attending days 3 and 4 of the Pennsylvania Leadership Training at the IU on January 25 and 26.  This is part of 7-day training.


Kindergarten Registration


Kindergarten registration has been moved up a month to February 22 and 23.  It has been moved to give me a better idea of how many students to expect for the 07-08 school year.  This is important when making decisions about number of classes and teachers per grade, space issues, etc.


Student Teacher


According to the agreement passed by the board, Jennifer Miller will be completing her “Pre-Student Teaching Experience” with Mrs. Cheryl Hoffner on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning February 20, 2007, and two full weeks beginning April 16, 2007.


 Upcoming Events



29                Report Cards go home

30                Reading meetings will be held with teachers



Federal Programs Report


There are two changes in our federal funding for the 06-07 school year.


Title I went from $118, 770 to $117, 220         (loss of $1,550)


Title II went from $44, 148 to $44, 075            (loss of $73)



Facilities Manager Report




Installing three ceiling mount LCD projectors at the high school.

Dumpsters moved at elementary building.

Repaired domestic water liquid level control at high school.

The door locks for the playground doors have been installed by Glessner.

The CCTV system should be installed at both buildings by the end of February.




Business Manager Report


Audit Report


The audit report was finished, and I would like direction on how to invest any moneys that we currently have over last year’s beginning balance. I had invested the 1,000,000.00 in a PLGIT term CD for 90 days at a rate of 5.23% and it matured on 12/20/06. The money then went into the PLGIT plus account with an average rate of 5.09%. I need direction on how you want me to continue to invest the money. I will continue to consult with Bill Kruck from PLGIT on any investment options that are currently available. We can put the money into the tax stabilization fund and invest in another 1,000,000.00 various Certificates of Deposit or we can go with the PLGIT term rates that are fixed for the period indicated on the current PLGIT rate sheet.


We will be upgrading to the new version of our accounting software in the near future. The new version will be BudgetSense. We looked at other software, but the feasibility of converting to a new system would create more data input than doing a conversion from our current software.




Technology Specialist Report


eMail Problem


The problem whereby we could not send email to certain places because we were on a spam blacklist has been resolved.



TIU11 WAN Project


The IU’s WAN project to connect our school buildings to a wireless network at a speed of at least 50Mbps (we are currently at 1.5Mbps) passed the first step.  The IU’s Act 183 grant was approved for about $1.2 Million (they had requested $1.5 Million).  The next step is to see if they get eRate approval for this project.


eRate Status


Form 470 has been submitted.  This form indicates those services we plan to purchase/implement in the 07-08 school year.  Vendors supply pricing based on this document.  In early February I’ll submit Form 471 which specifies who we will be purchasing the services from and what the estimated costs will be.  Items specified are the same as previous years (e.g., phone service, Internet access, etc.)