Administrative Reports



Southern Fulton School District Work Session


Tuesday, July 18, 2006



    District Report


Planning Initiative


Mr. Hoffner has been entering sections of the plan into the state’s computerized system, which was changed this summer. It has not been a pleasant experience for him or many other school officials across the state.


PSSA Scores


The PSSA scores are being posted and will be examined at the upcoming administrative retreat.


Administrative Retreat


Mrs. Trail, Mr. Gilliland, and Mr. Scott will attend the TIU 11 administrative retreat on July 25-27 in State College.


District Office Relocation


Mr. Shaw and his crew of Mr. Lowell Barnhart and Mr. Alan Gregory have been putting in long days to renovate a former storage space into the new district office area. Their next project will be to renovate the current district office area into the life skills/special education pod.


“Thanks for Lunch”


Under the direction of Mrs. Diane Younker as part of their extended school year program, the life skills students prepared lunch for the staff on July 12. The staff members were served their meals by the students, who even had flower arrangements decorating the tables!


Mrs. Dena Mellott and Mrs. Patty Keefer assisted Mrs. Younker.


Bridge Opening


All board members are invited to represent the district at the Rt. 522 Bridge opening ceremony on July 27 at 2:00 p.m. Mr. Morton and Mr. Yates tentatively plan to participate and represent Southern Fulton School District. Interested board members should contact Mrs. Feagley.




The tentative date for interviews for the senior high girls’ physical education position is August 3. Interviews for the two instructional assistant positions will be held August 7-11. Recommendations will be ready for the August 15 board meeting, which will be held as usual in the high school library.




High School Report




The bulk of scheduling was completed prior to the last day of school.  Teachers received their teaching assignments by the end of May; however, we needed to “tweak” it, which we will be finishing up next week.  Students will receive their schedules the second week of August.  This was an improvement from previous years when the scheduling was still being completed in August.


Student Handbook


Changes from last year:


Discipline - went to a merit/demerit system similar to Northern Bedford


Tardies –students will be tardy until 8:08 a.m.  after this will be marked absent in powerschool.  Absences will be either legal or illegal days.


Electronic Devices – students caught with devices first offense taken until adult comes for it.  Second offense taken until end of year. (Now in handbook)


National Honor Society Requirements – stipulated by the national association.  All students meeting the 92% or 90% GPA will be eligible for filling out the paperwork to be considered for NHS or NJHS. 



Elementary Report


Accountability Block Grant


The ABG has been approved and we are receiving $168, 441.00; an increase of

$30, 255.00 from last school year.  The additional money will be used to pay for the remaining salaries of the kindergarten teachers as well as some of their benefits.

Federal Programs Report


The Federal Program’s Grant has been submitted to the state.  Predicted amounts are listed below for the 06-07 school year:


                                                            +/- from last school year


Title 1: $118, 770.00                            (+90.00)


Title II A: $44, 148.00              (-494.00)


Title V: $1,585.00                                (-1,508.00)


Upcoming Events


August 24         7:00 PM           Kindergarten Orientation

August 28         6- 7:30 PM      Open House (grades 1-6)




Facilities Manager Report


Roof Project


Roof project is finished at elementary school.


District Offices


New district offices should be ready to occupy by the end of next week.



Business Manager Report


Tax Stabilization Fund


The CD’s started to come due on June 23, 2006. On the advice of Gordon Walker, I opened a new account with PLGIT titled Tax Stabilization Fund. The CD’s will all mature into this account and be reinvested from this account, leaving any balance during the lapse times still invested and earning interest. As of June 30, 2006, 14 CD’s have matured and been reinvested.


The list also shows the maturity dates for the other CD’s and will be updated with the new purchases for the next meeting.


We should have additional money to be invested into the tax stabilization fund at the close of the year. We will wait until the auditors have completed their audit to set the amount that we will invest.





Technology Specialist Report


Nothing to report.