Administrative Reports



Southern Fulton School District Work Session


Tuesday, June 19, 2007



District Report


Food Service Management RFPís


We have received two RFP's for food service management: Nutrition Services and Metz Associates. The proposals will be evaluated and a recommendation forthcoming at the July board meeting.


Strategic Planning Core Committee Meeting


The Strategic Planning Core Committee met on May 30 and reviewed the core components of the plan.  The committee also heard a presentation from the pre-K committee. Mr. Hoffner, who has retired, was presented with a certificate of appreciation. Mrs. Carolyn Mottern has volunteered to serve as the new chairperson.




Candidate interviews for teaching positions are being conducted this month. We hope to finish interviews for currently open positions by June 27.


Administratorís Retreat


The TIU 11-sponsored administrator's retreat is July 9-11. The focus of the program will be using/interpreting the achievement data now available to the district.



High School Report


Success Stories


Keri Schriever became the State Chaplin for the State Chapter of FFA at the PSU FFA Activities Week.


Adam Miller took 3rd in Forestry at the same event.




Field Trip Report


Seniors to go on their PSSA reward trip to Ocean City on September 9-11 as budgeted.


Building Usage Report


Mrs. Dickerhoff to use the gym for a volleyball camp as approved from June 18-June 20.


SF Cheerleaders to use the gym July 12-14 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for cheerleading camp


Track to use the weight room and track on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 6-5 for summer conditioning.


Basketball to use the elementary gym on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30 for basketball rec.


Dave Smith to use a high school classroom on July 16-19 from 6:30-9:30 p.m. for school bus driver training.


Conference Request Report


None at this time.




None at this time.




Discipline Report


316 7th graders written up

171 8th graders written up

106 9th graders written up

142 10th graders written up

55 11th graders written up

90 12th graders written up

880 total discipline write ups for the year 2006-2007


31 suspensions


7 drug/alcohol violations

32 bus referrals

2 weapon violations (pen knives)

148 tardies

11 skipping school/class

139 skipping detention/Saturday School

19 vulgar language/profanity

15 cheating

41 disrespect

7 disruption of class

145 failure to follow directions of staff

16 displays of affection

14 fights

75 unprepared for class/homework

3 tobacco violations

There also were other violations

Graduation Report


Post Secondary statistics for the Class of 2007


41% are attending a 2-Year college or Technical School


29% are attending a 4-Year college or university


27% have entered the work force


3% have enlisted in the military


Over $193,000 was presented in scholarship awards during the graduation ceremony.



Elementary Report


A+ School Rewards


Through Giant Food and the local community, Giant awarded Southern Fulton Elementary School with a check for $959.25, which will be used for unexpected needs.




27, 068 books were checked out of the library by students during the 06-07 school year.


End-of-Year Health Report for elementary school


  • 0.01% of our students are considered underweight.
  • 23% of our students are considered at risk of being overweight.
  • 19% of our students are considered overweight
  • 42% of our students are considered either overweight or at risk of being overweight.That number was 35% last year so this is a 20% increase.


Accountability Block Grant


I will be working on the required end-of-year report this week.




Interviews for the elementary positions will be held this week and next week.


Home Schooling Parents


I am meeting with some home schooling parents to look over and evaluate their childís required portfolio.




Federal Programs Report


I will begin working on the 07-08 Federal Programís Grant on Wednesday of this week.



Facilities Manager Report




Summer cleaning at both buildings is going on schedule with no problems.


Leaking flanges had to be repaired on the hot water heat exchanger which is used to heat the domestic water in the high school building. This was cited when we had the pressure vessel inspection last fall. This is being done now because the hot water must be shut down in the building.


The roof restoration is also on schedule.


Skylights should be installed at the end of this week or the beginning of next week.


P & W milled the parking lot on June 7. They still have some small areas to mill out. New blacktop is supposed to be put in next week.


We should save about $7,500.00 on the roof restoration because the work is considered maintenance (a little known clause on the books). Our lawyer is working with L & I to have the proper paperwork forwarded to Tremco to exclude us from paying prevailing wage.


I will save about $300.00 on the kindergarten carpet installation by going through the AEPA.


I also should be able to get the new lawn mower for about $600.00 less than what was budgeted.




Business Manager Report




The CDís will start to come due on the 23rd for the tax stabilization fund. I have instructed PLIGIT to re-invest them at 4% or greater.


The state budget has not been passed so we are not sure if subsidy payments will be on schedule; however, I think that our operating funds should be sufficient for July and in August the real estate taxes should start coming in. If the real estate taxes come in as previous years, the account should be okay until the state budget is passed.We will continue to monitor this.



Technology Specialist Report


Strategic Plan Update


Our Technology Plan has been approved by PDE.The only plan remaining to be approved is the Student Services Plan.


Printer Replacement


Network-attached printers that were purchased in 1998 (for about $1,100 each) are being replaced.There is a promotional offering on the new printers (Lexmark E250DN Ė about $350 each) whereby if you buy two, you get one free.I purchased four printers (six total including the two free).