Administrative Reports



Southern Fulton School District Work Session


Tuesday, May 15, 2007



District Report


Applications for Vacant Positions


Applications for the vacant positions are coming in.  The deadline for applications is May 17, 2007.  To date we have received the following teacher applications:  7 Special Education, 12 English, 38 Social Studies, and 84 Elementary.



High School Report


Success Stories


I would like to recognize the Scholastic Scrimmage team as well as the Envirothon Team 1 and 2.  There will be no June Student of the month.


Building Usage


WAYS have requested to use the upper field and shot put area and inside of track from March 17- May 30.  They will use it when not in use by our track team. 


Field Trip Report


The life skills would like thank the board for letting them go to the Maryland Theatre from 11:00 – 2:30 on May 10.  This was a play from Dr. Suess which has been studied in class.  The students loved it.


Mrs. Schriver has requested to take the Physics class to Hershey Park along with honor societies for the annual Physics Day on May 18, 2007.  As approved in August.


Mr. Sholes is requesting to take the Student Forum for the last workshop sponsored by the IU.  This comes from the gifted budget.


Mr. Hollenshead is requesting to take the Envirothon teams to the State Envirothon Competition in State College on May 21 and 22.  This was budgeted and approved in August.


Miss Miller has requested to take the life skills students to the Senior Citizen Center and Park on June 1 for a picnic.  This has been budgeted and approved.


Mr. Sholes has requested to take the Drama Club to NYC to see plays on June 2.


The Junior High Team would like to take their annual STARS Trip to Idlewild Park on June 4.  This was budgeted and approved in August.


Mrs. Layton is requesting to take the Spanish Club to Kings Dominion on June 8. This was budgeted and approved in August.


Ms. Bickel has requested to take the FFA to PSU FFA Activities Week.  This was approved and budgeted.


Building Usage Report


The shooting stars have requested the usage of the cafeteria for the annual basket bingo on May 20.


The SF Athletic Association has requested the cafeteria and auditorium for May 21 for the Spring Awards Program.


The FFA has requested the usage of the cafeteria and auditorium on May 25 for their annual banquet.


The Warfordsburg Presbyterian Church has requested the usage of the old elementary parking lot on June 16 for overflow parking for a gospel/blue grass concert being held at the church.


Mrs. Dickerhoff has requested usage of the gym for a volleyball camp as approved from June 18-June 20.


Conference Request Report


None at this time.




The prom had 193 sold tickets for the prom counting chaperones and students.


Sports Report


District Track meet at NBC tomorrow.

May 25 Girls Varsity Softball Districts TBA

May 26 Boys Varsity Baseball Districts TBA




Discipline Report


Classroom for the Future Grant – We are applying for $201,468.65 to place laptop computer labs as well as equipment for the teachers.  We have requested for all mathematics and English classrooms.  The teachers involved and the principal will have to undertake 30+ hours for professional development on technology integration and differentiated teaching methods.  This was sought to help with our PSSA scores and go in conjunction with our purchasing new curriculum for Mathematics.



Elementary Report


PTA News


The next PTA Meeting will be held on Monday, June 4 at 6:30 p.m.


Game 24 Competition


This was our second year in holding this competition.  The students really enjoy the game and it focuses on helping student master the basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division as well as mental math.


Olweus Bullying Prevention Program


Our first day of training took place today for the bullying prevention program that will be implemented next school year.  The second day of training will take place in July.


Upcoming Events



    30          Citizenship Trip to Lakemont Park

    31          Rain Date for Citizenship Trip to Lakemont Park



1                    7:30 a.m. Principal’s Reception; 6:00 p.m. Sixth-grade graduation

5                    Field Day

6                    No School – Teacher Work Day

7                    8:45 AM Kindergarten Graduation

11:45 Awards Assembly

1:00 Early Dismissal





Federal Programs Report


Nothing to report.




Facilities Manager Report


Nothing to report.



Business Manager Report


Nothing to report.



Technology Specialist Report


Computer Sharing Device


I purchased two devices that allow one computer to be shared by up to three other people.  A card is put in the main computer.  Three boxes are then connected to the main computer.  Each box has connectors for a keyboard, mouse, and monitor.  I installed one device in Mrs. Dickerhoff’s room and one in the high school library. 


My intent is to use these where multiple computers are needed within a close vicinity of each other that do not require access to a CD drive or USB ports.  In doing this, we won’t need to spend as much for computer replacements/additions.


Ink Cartridge / Toner Refills


A business opened in Chambersburg called Cartridge World.  They are a world-wide business that focuses on refilling printer ink cartridges.  I have started to use them for both inkjet cartridges and laser toner cartridges.  So far, all their refilled cartridges have worked as well as or better than the originals.  As an example, a new toner cartridge for our Lexmark laser printers costs about $85 and yields 2,500 pages.  I refilled one via Cartridge World for $60 and it has a yield of 6,000 pages.