Administrative Reports



Southern Fulton School District Work Session


Tuesday, November 21, 2006



    District Report


PSBA Legislative Meeting


The fall PSBA legislative meeting for our region took place on Wednesday, November 1, at 7:00 p.m. in the Mt. Union high school library. Southern Fulton was represented.


Solicitor’s Open House


The annual Andrews and Beard open house is November 30 from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.


Act 1 Tax Study Commission


The Southern Fulton Act 1 Tax Study Commission has completed its formal meetings and has conducted its open public hearing. The hearing was held on November 14 at 7:00 p.m. in the high school auditorium. Six members of the public, which included three board members, were in attendance. The TSC will make its formal recommendation to the Board at the reorganization meeting of December 5.


November 10 Act 80 In-service Day


The November 10 Act 80 day went well. The featured program was the FISH philosophy and was arranged by Mr. Gilliland. In the afternoon the faculty and staff worked on curriculum, special education training, CPR and first aid training, and textbook selection.


Township Supervisors Meeting


District officials met with the township supervisors on October 30 to discuss school cancellations and delays protocol. It was an introductory meeting for everyone. The supervisors were also provided with maps of Southern Fulton bus routes.


Veterans’ Day Assemblies


The two assemblies held for the elementary and the high school students were very well-received. The students were shown that Veterans’ Day is more than just an occasional vacation day from school.





High School Report


Student of the Month


The Jr. High student is Josh Wright.  The Sr. High student is Kelly Elbin.


Student Honors


FFA attended national convention in Indianapolis, In.  See News Article.


Also, Keri Schriever, Brittany Spade, Heather Pittman, and Michael Beatty received their Keystone Degrees this past weekend.  They will be awarded their degrees January 8th during the FFA Mid-Winter Convention held in Harrisburg.  This degree is the highest degree awarded by Pennsylvania.  They had to meet the following criteria: received their chapter degree, completed at least two years of agriculture education instruction, and have earned or productively invested a $1000, or worked at least 300 hours.  They will be honored by letters from the principal.


End of 1st Marking Period


The 45th day was November 1.  Report cards were given to the students on November 7.  They were mailed out on November 8.


Parent/Teacher Conferences


Approximately one hundred and forty requests from teachers for parent conferences were sent out on October 25.  Parents also called into the school to schedule conferences with teachers.  All parents were notified via a notice from school, the marquee and an article in the school newsletter.  One hundred and ten individual conferences were held throughout the day with favorable feedback about the day on the surveys.


PANA Conference


Ms. Kauffman attended a conference on October 20 presented by PANA (Pa. Advocates for Nutrition and Activity) designed to inform the group on “Resources to Prepare for the School Wellness Policy Requirement”.  They discussed the federal guidelines for policy requirements, viewed Keystone Healthy Zone School trends and outcomes and provided some practical examples of schools making healthy changes.  Highmark also made a presentation on obesity prevention, the Challenge Grant Program and Spark Active Recreation.





Exxon Grant


Kristen Carlisle, manager for Sunco Enterprises’ Warfordsburg Exxon, presented Southern Fulton with a check for $500 from Exxon Mobile Educational Alliance program to be used for student awards.   A thank you on behalf of the district was sent to Bedford Oil Company.


Volleyball Season Comes to an End


The Lady Indian Volleyball Team ended their season with a loss to McConnellsburg in the first round of District Playoffs on Monday, October 30.  Their season record was 16 wins and 4 losses.  The JV finished with a record of 15-4 and the Jr. High’s was 8-8.




The SATs were given on Saturday, November 4, in the High School.  Forty eight students registered to take them here that day and one took the subject reasoning portion.


Conference Requests or Reports


The cheerleaders went to North Hagerstown High School to participate in the small varsity division on November 11, 2006.  They took 1st place and won the championship.  The next step is nationals in Williamsburg, VA on March 16-18.


Special Ed. Department attended a workshop on November 13, 2006 entitled 27 costly mistakes that IEP and Section 504 Teams continue to make – and what to do instead.


Mrs. Dickerhoff and Mrs. Keebaugh took the SADD officers to the Lancaster Conference Center to attend the SADD conference.  Teachers reported it was a good and worthwhile conference.


The 11th and 12th grade classes went to Allegany College of Maryland.  It was a good trip.  The students learned a lot about the college but got wet doing it.  It poured that day.


FFA will attend the PA Farm show Mid-Winter Convention on January 8, 2007.  This had been budgeted and approved but no date was given. 


The Environmental Club will participate in the Eco Meet at Raystown Lake on May 4, 2007.  This was approved in August without a date.








Elementary Report


Veterans’ Assembly


A Veterans’ Assembly was held on Monday, November 6 at 1:30.  Mr. Larry Garlock was the speaker.  Also present during the assembly were Representative Dick Hess and County Commissioner Dan Swain.  Every elementary student had an American Flag and during the singing of God Bless the USA, the waving of the flags was a beautiful sight.  Thank you notes will be sent to the visitors for attending.


Parent Teacher Conferences


Parent Teacher Conferences were held on Thursday, November 9 from 12:00 – 8:00 p.m.  Some elementary teachers commented that they had a good response from parents in relation to the attendance of the conferences.  We had approximately 360 parents present.


Nature Trail


Herbert Brambley, Tom Knox, Lory Baker, and Kendra Trail visited Greencastle Environmental Center to get ideas for the nature trail.  We have started to formulate a committee for the nature trail.  I would like a board member to be on the committee.  If you are interested, please let me know by December 1, 2006. 


PTA News


Fundraiser items were delivered to the school on Thursday, November 16.  The Mega Event will be held on Friday, December 15 from 3-6.


The next PTA meeting will be held on Monday, December 18.


Parent Luncheon


In honor of American Education Week, approximately 211 parents ate lunch with their children at school on Friday, November 17, 2006. 


ESL (English as a Second Language)


The school district is now required to assist non-public schools in identifying ELL’s (English Language Learners); therefore, I will be contacting the Fulton County Community Christian School and There’s Room in the Inn to inform them of the ESL procedures.


There is also another mandate for ESL.  All ESL students must take a yearly assessment.  Angela Adams and I will both be involved in training regarding the administration of the assessment.




Deanne Baker, Louise Strait, and Carol Wolf will be attending a workshop on November 30, 2006, entitled, “Bedford/Fulton Head Start Transition Workshop.”


Andrew Rupert will be attending a conference on December 1, 2006, entitled, “Rural School Counselor Institute.”


Thomas Knox and Linda Smith will be attending a conference on December 11, 2006, entitled, “Creating Fluent Readers from Phonics to Fluency: Strategies for Achieving Reading Proficiency.”


Kathy Cutchall will be attending a two-day workshop at the IU entitled, “DIBELS – Scoring and Analyzing Data” on December 1, 2006, and January 30, 2007.


Upcoming Events



6                    Physicals for students in Kindergarten and sixth-grade

11                7:00 p.m. Christmas Concert for students in grades K-3

12                7:00 p.m. Christmas Concert for students in grades 4-6

13                7:00 p.m. Make-up concert for students in grades K-3

14                7:00 p.m. Make-up concert for students in grades 4-6

21                Officer Phil Program for grades K-4



Federal Programs Report


The comparability report that is required by November 15, has been submitted to the state.


A meeting for Title I parents was held on Friday, November 17.  The purpose of the meeting was to gather input regarding the Parent Involvement Plan.  This plan is mandated by the state and a copy must be sent to the state department as well.


A math night for K-6 students and parents was held on Monday, November 20, from 7-8:00 p.m..  There were 12 math stations set up.  The students and parents could rotate to different stations.  The Home School Connection from Hagerstown, MD provided the training and games for the evening.  Twelve teachers volunteered their time to assist with this night.  There were 113 students and parents who participated in math night.







Facilities Manager Report




New door locks for the classrooms were installed at the elementary.  The additional maglocks for the playground doors at the elementary should be installed in the next 4-6 weeks.


We are working on a concrete pad to relocate the dumpster at the elementary.




Business Manager Report


Nothing to report




Technology Specialist Report


eRate Status


Our form 471 for this year’s eRate reimbursement has been approved.   The amount we will get as a rebate is: $24,677.


Educational Technology Trends


On November 15, 2006 I sat in on a web cast regarding trends in educational technology.  Here are some resources discussed:


TIU#11 WAN Project


At my monthly Technology Coordinators meeting at the IU, Tony Payne and Dan Berger presented the status of their WAN project.  The scope of this project is to create a fiber and wireless based network that would allow all the school districts within their realm to connect to the Internet at much faster speeds.  As an example, we currently connect to the Internet via a T1 line which has a speed of 1.5Mbps (M stands for million).  Under the IU’s WAN, we would connect at 100Mbps or roughly 60 times faster than now.  We currently do not connect to the IU for Internet access (we pay Frontier for this).  With this project, the IU will be our Internet Service Provider (ISP) like all their other school districts.


Also under this project, our elementary school and high school buildings would be connected at a speed of 100Mbps (we’re currently at 1.5Mbps).  In comparison, within each building we have a 100Mbps connection (i.e., from a computer to a server).  So, this connection speed would allow building to building and building to Internet communications to be as fast as if we were just communicating inside a building.


Doing this will enable us to use such technologies as VOIP (i.e., using the Internet to make local and long distance telephone calls), distance learning (computer – computer audio / video) would be much better, better use of streaming videos (ability to watch a video while it is being downloaded), etc.  Also, more and more programs are becoming available on the Internet.  For example, Google now has a spreadsheet and a word processor that can be accessed from any Internet-capable computer.


This project is based on two funding issues.  First, the IU needs to be awarded an Act 183 grant (should be notified mid-December if approved).  Second, the project needs to be approved by eRate (should be notified late summer 2007 if approved).


What this all means is that to get this connection that is 60 times faster than what we currently have, we will pay about $300 more per month ($3,600 per year).  Technology-wise, this is an extremely good deal as it will position Southern Fulton to take advantage of current and future Internet-based resources.  If everything goes according to plan, we could implement this as soon as fall 2007.