Administrative Reports



Southern Fulton School District Work Session


Tuesday, September 19, 2006



High School Report


Opening of School


The opening of school was pretty smooth. All of the students as of today are set with their schedule for the remainder of the year.  We made approximately 65 schedule adjustments including the PSSA remedial math class for eleventh graders, numerous new special education enrollments and balancing of classes. 


“Student of the Month”


Student of the month will begin in October.  The teachers will be nominating a student by the middle of the month to receive the “Student of the Month Award.”  A student can be given this honor for academics, extra-curriculars or a very special good deed.  I would like to recognize some students for doing outstanding work this summer.


Fair Results


The results are in for our FFA students and their showing at the fair.  The following list is the participation and results:




Andy Meyer – first lightweight class #1, first showmanship senior


Joshua Sipes – fifth heavyweight class #1


Tyler Trail – fifth middleweight class #1 fifth showmanship intermediate division


Stacy Mellott – sixth heavyweight class #2


Christy Hill – seventh heavyweight class #2




Andy Meyer – third middleclass #1

Second showmanship senior




Joshua Sipes – first heavyweight class # 1

Fourth showmanship Intermediate division


Christy Hill – third middleweight class #2


Tyler Trail – fifth middleweight class #3

Third showmanship intermediate division


CJ Blankley fifth middleweight class #2

Second showmanship senior division


Shelly Diehl fifth lightweight class #1




Joshua Sipes – third lightweight  class #1


Keri Schriever – second dairy goat 1yr. and under

Fifth showmanship intermediate division

Fourth market goat 1yr. and under

Second market goat

third market goat


Fair Display:


Warfordsburg FFA FIRST


Fair Queen:


Keri Schriever  - first runner up

Heather Pittman – contestant




9 grand and reserve champions showing red/white Holsteins and gurnseys


Supreme youth champion with red /white Holsteins -  Shelly Diehl


We had a student, Tabitha Macon attended Governor’s School at Millersville University to study and practice the art of teaching.  This is an honor to be chosen and represent our school in this fashion.




“One on One” Club


The One on One club which is basically a "homework" club for students will continue this year. One junior high student will be matched with one honors student or community adult for one hour once a week. The club will meet on Tuesdays from 3:15 to 3:45 in the library with students being picked up no later than 4:15. This will begin September 28, 2006.  If any adults are not employees of the district, they will get the appropriate clearances.  A list of volunteers will be provided at next month’s board meeting.


Activity Period Clubs


Students have chosen their clubs for the year and we are off to a good start.  During this time we have four classes of PSSA Prep on Tuesdays and three classes on Thursdays in order to remediate and prepare for this year’s exam. 


Enrollment Numbers at the High School


7th grade- 79 total – 42 males and 37 females

8th grade-  69 total  - 34 males and 35 females

9th grade-  66 total  - 38 males and 28 females

10th grade-68 total  - 29 males and 39 females

11th grade-73 total  - 32 males and 41 females

12th grade-72 total  - 42 males and 31 females


The total in the high school at this time is 428.

Last year there were 400 at the end of the year.


This differs from last year in the following way:

7th grade- 73 total – 37 males and 36 females

8th grade-  65 total  - 35 males and 30 females

9th grade-  70 total  - 30 males and 40 females

10th grade-73 total  - 32 males and 41 females

11th grade-86 total  - 47 males and 39 females

12th grade-51 total  - 24 males and 27 females


The total in the high school at this time is 418.




The SAT will be given again at our school on November 4, 2006 at 8:00 a.m.  Students are registered through the College Board.







Open House


Open House for grades 7-12 was held on Thursday, August 31, from 7- 8:30 p.m.  It was attended by many parents/guardians.  The numbers concern me and we are thinking of ways to improve attendance for next year.


Building Usage


Monday, September 25, 2006 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. will be a drug awareness program for students and families.  This program was sponsored by the Hope team and funded by the safe and drug free grant.


Field Trip


12th grade students scoring proficient on the PSSA are going to Ocean City on September 17 and September 18.  This was budgeted and approved last year.


FFA to leave for Farm Show Complex to attend the dairy judging forum on September 19.  Students will leave the school at 7:30 and return approximately 3:00 p.m. This will be paid for by the FFA.


Hope team taking students Ropes Course for students on September 20.  This trip is for students with leadership potential to aid with the skills to transform them into school leaders.  Bus will be leaving at 8:00 a.m. in front of the building.  Bus will return approximately 3:00 p.m.  This will be paid for with the safe and drug free grant.


CareerLink will be coming to talk to Mrs. Keebaugh’s classes during 3rd period on September 20 to discuss transition.


Mr. Sholes will take 6 students to the student forum at the Tuscarora Intermediate Unit#11.  This was budgeted in the gifted account.


FFA to go to Cove Mills Harvest Reunion will attend Friday, September 22, 2006, Saturday, September 23, 2006 and Sunday, September 24, 2006 from 7:30 – 3:00.  No cost to the district.


Mr. Sholes will be taking 9-12 students to State College for Scholastic Scrimmage practice.  Some of the gifted students as well as regular student body will be participating in the Scholastic Scrimmage program this year through PBS.  This was budgeted in the gifted account.


Individual School Pictures


Individual School Pictures will be taken on October 10, 2006.





Elementary Report


Luncheon with Grandparents


In honor of Grandparents’ Day on Sunday, September 10, grandparents were given the opportunity to eat lunch with their grandchildren on Friday, September 8.  We had approximately 270 grandparents.  Wow!! 


Book Fair


$5,186.28 was brought in during the book fair during the first week of school.  That is an increase of $1,467.38 from the previous year.  Congratulations to Sally Wilson, librarian.


PTA News


Officers were elected at the PTA meeting that was held on Monday, September 11.


President – Heather Powell

Vice-President – Denise Clingerman

Secretary – Becky Duvall

Treasurer – Angie Bishop


The next PTA meeting is scheduled for October 9.


Current Enrollment Numbers


Kindergarten                69

First Grade                   65

Second Grade              71

Third Grade                  62

Fourth Grade                73

Fifth Grade                   66

Sixth Grade                  82


Total                           488


End of 05-06                494


Curriculum Advisory Council Meeting


I will be attending a CAC Meeting at the IU on Wednesday, September 20, 2006.


Upcoming Events


September 27               First Reading Meeting


October 4                    Students in grades 1-6 going to high school auditorium

October 23-27             Red Ribbon Week

October 27                  Fall Party



Federal Programs Report


Nothing to report.




Facilities Manager Report


Outside Maintenance


We are doing outside maintenance since the rain has stopped.




Business Manager Report




The auditors will be here on Wednesday to continue the audit.


Information on Activity Run


I have taken an estimate of the mileage for the activity runs and have talked with Jeff Rayborn concerning a bus purchase. He is willing to give us all of the help that we need if we decide to purchase a bus. I have included price ranges that he has given me.




Technology Specialist Report


ES Network Problem


There was a problem at the ES whereby at certain times various people could not access anything on the network.  This took several days to track down and fix but is resolved now.



ES Communication Line


I’ve been testing the new T1 line that is to replace our existing DSL line.  On Tuesday (9/19) around 5 p. m. I plan to switch the lines so that the whole ES is using the faster line.  Preliminary tests show it will be three to four times faster.