Administrative Reports



Southern Fulton School District Work Session


Tuesday, November 20, 2007



District Report


Solicitor’s Open House


The annual Andrews and Beard open house is November 29 from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Board members should have received individual invitations.


Veterans’ Day Assemblies


The two assemblies held for the elementary and the high school students were very well-received. The students were shown that Veterans’ Day is more than just an occasional vacation day from school.


Changing of the Guard: Goodbye, and Thanks


Bill Whiteside and Allen Morton, two members who have chosen not to run for re-election, are attending their last Board meeting tonight. We wish them well and thank them for their public service, freely given without compensation but at a cost to their personal lives in terms of donated time and internal stress. Collectively, Bill and Allen devoted forty-two years of service to the district as board members and as board president.


Don Whiteside, Dwight Bard, Kenny Wuertenberg have been re-elected and will be sworn in at the December 4 reorganizational meeting, along with board members-elect Timothy Mellott and Danny Crouse.


Special Education Audit


Dr. Malcolm Conner, compliance officer from the Bureau of Special Education of Pennsylvania Department of Education, will lead a team in the cyclical monitoring examination of our special education programs and records on December 3, December 4, and December 5. The special education teachers, the principals, and particularly Mrs. Younker have spent many additional hours preparing for this visit, which is mandated by law.






December 4 Meeting/Bill Listing


Last year there was some confusion as to why a bill listing was not provided a week in advance of last year’s December 5 meeting. School districts are required by law to reorganize annually during the first week in December. Therefore, Southern Fulton Board of School Directors will

meet on December 4. As in all other past years, there will not be a meeting on the third Tuesday in December. This year, Thanksgiving break is from this Thursday to next Tuesday, inclusive. We have only six school days until our Dec. 4 meeting, and that includes tomorrow (Wednesday) and the day of the December meeting. Therefore, as in all other past years, the bill listing will be provided at the time of the Board meeting. The bills will be standard items and reflect budgeted expenses. Any non-budgeted expenses are always brought to the Board for approval, as is required by the School Code.


Act 1 Resolution


The Southern Fulton index for any considered tax increase is 6.2%. This translates into 1.364 mills. Districts may elect to adopt a resolution in December to state that any potential real estate tax increase will not go above the index, and thus maintain the traditional May-June budget timelines. Adoption of this resolution does not bind the Board to a tax increase; it stipulates only that any potential increase will not exceed the index. Southern Fulton adopted this resolution for this fiscal/school year and did not increase real estate taxes for 2007-2008.




The state auditors are in the process of conducting audits for fiscal years 2002-2003, 2003-2004, 2004-2005, and 2005-2006. The local auditors have also been here. Today, as part of the local audit, Mr. Charles Frame came to Southern Fulton to begin auditing the federal programs. He reported this morning that our ACCESS monies do not count towards the $500,000 threshold, meaning that Southern Fulton does not meet the “trigger point,” as our funds are approximately $480,000 without the ACCESS funds.


Fuel Adjustment


The minimum qualifying prices for gasoline and diesel fuels were met and the fuel adjustment is in effect for November 15-December 14, when the prices will be verified again.


AVTS Meeting


The Fulton County AVTS JOC will meet at Southern Fulton on December 6 at 7:30 p.m. with a work session at 7:00 p.m.


Life Skills Class Play


Ms. Miller’s life skills students gave an excellent performance of Jack and The Beanstalk on November 19.  The play was the result of many hours of hard work by the students and was performed in front of staff and parents.  The students then treated the audience to snacks after the play.  The students enjoyed themselves and the audience gave them a standing ovation.




High School Report


Student of the Month

 The students of the month are the top three winners of the Junior High Science Fair.

 Josh Sipes and AJ Fletcher received their Keystone Degrees this past weekend.  They will be awarded their degrees in January during the FFA Mid-Winter Convention held in Harrisburg.  This degree is the highest degree awarded by Pennsylvania.  They had to meet the following criteria: received their chapter degree, completed at least two years of agriculture education instruction, and have earned or productively invested $1000, or worked at least 300 hours.  They will be honored by letters from the principal.

 End of 1st Marking Period

 The 45th day was October 31.  Report cards were given to the students on November 7

Parent/Teacher Conferences

 Approximately one hundred and forty requests from teachers for parent conferences were sent out on October 25.  Parents also called into the school to schedule conferences with teachers.  All parents were notified via a notice from school, the marquee and an article in the Fulton County News.   

Volleyball Season Comes to an End

 The Lady Indian Volleyball Team ended their season with a loss in the first round of District Playoffs on Monday, October 29.  Their season record was 15 wins and 4 losses.  The JV finished with a record of 15 wins and 4 losses.


 The SATs were given on Saturday, November 3, in the high school.  Forty-eight students registered to take them here that day and one took the subject reasoning portion.

Conference/Field Trips Requests or Reports

 Nov 20- Miss Miller will take the Life Skills to Berkley Springs Bowl-a-rama.  This was approved and budgeted.

Nov 28 – Miss Miller will take the Life Skills to the elementary for Santa’s Workshop. This was approved and budgeted.


Elementary Report




The top sellers for the PTA fundraiser were treated to a limousine ride to Pizza Hut in Hancock on Thursday, November 15.





Students in grades 2-6 were given the opportunity to develop a wetland by planting plants on November 8 and 9. Some of the plants that the students planted are tussock sedge, bluejoint grass, joe-pye weed, marsh hibiscus, blue flag, cardinal flower, great blue lobelia, monkey flower, switch grass, arrow arum, pickerelweed, black-eyed susan, duck potato, green bulrush, woolgrass, common three-square, blue vervain, and chokeberries.This opportunity was provided through a $3,000.00 grant that the elementary school received. The final part of the grant will require teachers to be trained in the program entitled, “Wonders of Wetlands.” This will probably happen sometime in April, 2008.


Nature Trail Committee


A Nature Trail Committee meeting was held on Thursday, October 25, to discuss next steps for the trail. The committee decided to focus on the following items: survey all students in grades 1-6, begin developing a curriculum, contact Wilson College to check about getting an intern, and to post more “No Hunting” signs on the property. The next committee meeting will be sometime in January or February.


Veteran’s Assembly


A Veteran’s Assembly took place on Thursday, November 8 at 9:40 a.m. Mr. Alton Hoopengardner was the guest speaker. He brought uniforms from different branches of the military as well as from different time periods. Elizabeth Hartman, Kristen Palmer and Brian Stanley each sung a patriotic song, and Noah Hykes played a piece on the piano and recited/read “The Gettysburg Address.” It was a great assembly! Thank you cards have already been mailed out to each participant.


Parent Luncheon


In honor of American Education Week, parents were invited to have lunch with their child on Friday, November 16. Approximately 260 parents attended.


Exxon Grant


The elementary school has received a $500.00 grant from ExxonMobile. The money will be used to help defray the cost of the Mobile Ag Science Lab.


Upcoming Events



21                      Reading Meetings

28,29,30          Santa’s Workshop

30                    Picture Re-take day


            3, 4                  Special Education Monitoring

            5                      Officer Phil Program (K-4)

            6                      Math Night 6-7:00 PM (K-6)

            10                    Christmas Program (K-3) 7:00 p.m.

            11                    Christmas Program (4-6) 7:00 p.m.



Federal Programs Report


Nothing to report at this time.





Facilities Manager Report




Knisley & Sons have completed their installation of new pump motors and boiler controls in the mechanical room of the high school.


On November 12 representatives from Hillyard Company came to the high school and gave a mini seminar pertaining to MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus).  Attending were my custodial staff, gym teachers, Mr. Scott and Herb Brambley. The discussion included how to help prevent the spread of MRSA and other infectious diseases. Also, proper disinfection procedures were discussed. We have been using an approved hospital cleaner and disinfectant at both buildings. We will continue to use this product. I have ordered small hand held sprayers for the cleaning staff to better apply the cleaning products as instructed. Information pertaining to the spread and prevention of MRSA can be found on the CDC website. I will note that one of the best preventions is good hand washing with plain soap and warm water.




Business Manager Report


Nothing to report.








Technology Specialist Report


TIU WAN Project


The IU is having a problem getting us connected.  They are trying to do this such that I don’t have to move my Proxy servers to the ES – these are used for us to connect to the Internet and for firewall protection from the outside world.  If they can’t get this working within the next week or two, we’ll forego this solution and I’ll move the Proxy servers to the ES.


We have not yet cutover to the high speed network between the two buildings.  The testing mentioned above necessitates restarting the same network equipment that would be used to connect our two buildings.  This would result in connection outages between the two buildings so I have chosen to not do this yet.




Phase I of the PIMS project is complete.  Phase II is due on December 14.  I’ll be working on getting the necessary information into PowerSchool to submit it to PDE.


Innerlink eTools


The eTools project is a web-based application for health / nursing.  The nurses and I had training on this tool November 7.  As part of this project, we received three hand-held devices.  I’ll be working on helping the nurses implement this and then showing health teachers the resources available to them as well.  This is free to the district.




The AIMSWeb project is for assessment of special education students.  This consists of handheld devices used by the teachers that can be used in the classroom.  Assessment information is then uploaded to the AIMSWeb website where various reports can be created.  I’m working with Mrs. Younker and the special education teachers to implement this project.