Administrative Reports



Southern Fulton School District Work Session


Thursday, September 27, 2007



District Report


School Openings


Mrs. Trail, Mr. Gilliland, and Mrs. Younker did an exceptional job in preparing for a smooth school opening. The maintenance staff, led by Mr. Shaw, worked hard to have the buildings ready for the opening day. Mrs. Keebaugh, Mrs. Bard, and Mrs. Feagley put in extra hours to keep the district office going through the remodeling, and Mr. Leisher has overcome unusual but always challenging tech problems which occurred at the beginning of this year.


No Child Left Behind/PSSA Results


The Pennsylvania Department of Education has officially released the 2006-2007 school year. The data will be summarized and then presented publicly to the board at the October board meeting. Dr. Tracy Hinish and Mr. Bob Shinskie of Tuscarora Intermediate Unit 11 will have a presentation for the Board.




During the August in-service opening session the teachers were challenged to set and strive to attain three goals: 1.) Maintain high expectations for students; 2.) Maintain time on task; and 3.) Maintain high levels of professionalism.


PSBA Seminar


On September 6 Dr. Gilliland, Mrs. Trail, Mr. Mosemann, and the superintendent attended an evening PSBA seminar concerning discipline. PSBA regularly conducts training seminars for board members and administrators on an on-going basis.




High School Report


“Student of the Month”


Student of the month will begin in October.  The teachers will be nominating a student by the middle of the month to receive the “Student of the Month Award.”  A student can be given this honor for academics, extra-curriculars or a very special good deed.  I would like to recognize some students for doing outstanding work this summer.


Fair Results


During the Fulton County Fair Week, some members of the Warfordsburg FFA Chapter showed their pride and joy that they had been raising. Our past and present chapter presidents both showed their goats. Past president Keri Schriever, showed her meat goats and her steer. Keri's goats won 1st prize, 3rd prize, and Reserve Grand Champion, while her steer placed 1st and champion in its lightweight class. Our present president, Josh Sipes also showed his meat goat, market goat, and steer. Josh's meat goat won 2nd in its class and his market goat also won 2nd in its class.  Josh's steer placed 4th in its lightweight class. Another officer from the Warfordsburg FFA Chapter also showed his steer. Stacy Mellott's steer won 4th in its lightweight class.


“One on One” Club


The One on One club which is basically a "homework" club for students will continue this year. One junior high student will be matched with one honors student or community adult for one hour once a week. The club will meet on Tuesdays from 3:15 to 4:30 in the library. This will begin September 27, 2007.  If any adults are not employees of the district, they will get the appropriate clearances.  A list of volunteers will be provided at next month’s board meeting.


Activity Period Clubs


Students have chosen their clubs for the year and we are off to a good start.  During this time we have four classes of PSSA Prep on Tuesdays and three classes on Thursdays in order to remediate and prepare for this year’s exam. 


Enrollment Numbers at the High School


There are currently 424 students in the Jr./Sr. high school.


7th grade- 79 total - males and  females - 47 males – 32 females

8th grade-  78 total  - males and  females – 38 males - 40 females

9th grade-  69 total  -  males and  females- 33 males – 36 females

10th grade-62 total  - males and  females – 33 males – 29 females

11th grade-67 total  -  males and  females – 27 males- 40 females

12th grade-69 total  -  males and  females – 29 male – 40 females


This differs from last year in the following way:

7th grade- 79 total – 42 males and 37 females

8th grade-  69 total  - 34 males and 35 females

9th grade-  66 total  - 38 males and 28 females

10th grade-68 total  - 29 males and 39 females

11th grade-73 total  - 32 males and 41 females

12th grade-72 total  - 42 males and 31 females


There was a total in the high school at the end of the year of 428 students.




The SAT will be given again at our school on November 4, 2006 at 8:00 a.m.  Students are registered through the College Board.


Field Trip


FFA to leave for Farm Show Complex to attend the dairy judging forum on September 18.  Students will leave the school at 7:30 and return approximately 3:00 p.m. This will be paid for by the FFA.


FFA to go to Cove Mills Harvest Reunion will attend Friday, September 28, 2007, Saturday, September 29, 2007 and Sunday, September 30, 2007 from 7:30 – 3:00.  No cost to the district.


October 2nd the elementary school will be driven to the high school to see part of the play “OKLAHOMA”.


October 3, Mr. Sholes has requested to take students to the mock trials in McConnellsburg 13 students will be going from 8:15 -2:00. This has been budgeted.


Mr. Hendershot and Ms. Kauffmann has requested to take the seniors golfing as done in the past.  This will take place at the end of October/beginning of November.


Individual School Pictures


Individual School Pictures will be taken on September 25, 2007.




OKLAHOMA October 5 and 6.  Tickets available see Mrs. Mottern




Elementary Report




A PTA meeting was held on Monday, September 17, at 6:30 p.m. Elections for officers were held.

                        Heather Powell – President

                        Jill Mellott – Vice-President

                        Angie Bishop – Treasurer

                        Joan Smith – Secretary


The first PTA fundraiser is under way. It began with a kick-off assembly on September 20, and the fundraiser will end on October 8.




Kathy Cutchall and Dena Mellott observed Dibels (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) intervention groups in Altoona School District on September 24, 2007.


Sally Wilson will attend Access PA Training in New Oxford, PA on October 10, 2007.


Amanda Fulmor, Terry Shade, and Sandra Strait will attend a seminar entitled, “Literacy Centers Made Easy” on October 16, 2007, in Hagerstown, MD.


School Improvement


Cheryl Hoffner, Dorothy Brambley, Rodney Leese, Cindy Layton, and Kendra Trail attended a workshop at the IU on September 19, on school improvement. Even though the district made AYP for the 2007 PSSA scores, we need to be proactive in looking at our weak areas and making a plan to address those needs especially since the AYP bar is being raised again this school year.




I attended a training session at the IU on Monday, September 17 on emetric. Emetric is a password sensitive website where detailed student reports for math and reading are readily accessible to school administrators. This information will be shared with classroom teachers so that they know each student’s strengths and weaknesses (grades 3 and up).




I attended the curriculum advisory council meeting at the IU on Tuesday, September 25, and shared this information with Mr. Scott and Dr. Gilliland.




Below is the number of new enrollments per grade level since June 8 and September 17:


First-grade                   8

Second-grade               8

Third-grade                  5

Fourth-grade                4

Fifth-grade                   3

Sixth-grade                   5


Total                            33


Below is the number of withdrawals per grade level since June 8 and September 17:


First-grade                   4

Second-grade               5

Third-grade                  2

Fourth-grade                6

Fifth-grade                   4

Sixth-grade                   2


Total                            23


Current Enrollment per grade level:


Kindergarten                78

First-grade                   67

Second-grade               64

Third-grade                  75

Fourth-grade                63

Fifth-grade                   74

Sixth-grade                   68


Total                            489


Mobile Dentist


At the elementary level, 53 students returned slips for the mobile dentist program. The dentist and his assistants were at the elementary school on Monday, September 24, and finished up on Wednesday, September 26, 2007.


Grandparent Luncheon


For the second year, grandparents were invited to have lunch with their grandchild on September 7. Approximately 300 grandparents showed up – what an overwhelming response. It is great to see the support that grandparents have for their grandchildren.


Book Fair


Mrs. Wilson organized and held a book fair the first week of school. The total amount of money that was collected was $4970.15. Mrs. Wilson was able to choose $682.09 worth of books and also made a cash profit of $1000.00, which will be used to purchase more books.




The National Junior Honor Society and the Athletic Boosters teamed together to purchase a merry-go-round to add to the playground equipment at the elementary school.  Thanks to both organizations for their kind donation!!


Penn State Basketball Clinic


The Penn State Basketball Clinic that was to be held on September 6 was cancelled due to low numbers.


Community Relations Meeting


The first community relations meeting was held on Tuesday, September 18. Many topics were discussed such as PSSA, school improvement, bullying prevention program, pre-k, etc.


Reading Meetings


The first reading meeting day will be October 3, 2007. During these meetings with teachers, reading goals are set for each student for the school year as well as discussing students that are having difficulty in the area of reading and determining what the next steps for these students would be such as Title I, RtI, etc.


School Pictures


For the past several years, Southern Fulton Elementary School has gone with Larry Allen Company in Hagerstown for school pictures. Based on input from parents at a PTA meeting last year, the parents voted to try another company entitled, Provine. School pictures will be taken on October 4.




The elementary students in grades 1-6 are invited to attend the musical “Oklahoma” at the high school on October 2, from approximately 8:45 – 10:45 a.m. A special thank you to Carolyn Mottern for organizing this great opportunity for students, and to the bus drivers for donating their time and resources to transport the students to and from the elementary school.


Bullying Prevention Program


The bullying prevention committee is meeting on a monthly basis with Donna Waleski, from the IU, to get this program up and running. A Kick-off Assembly is planned to take place during the month of January to educate students about bullying and this new program.


Upcoming Events



            3          Walk at School Day (PANA)

4                    School Pictures

12                Native American Day (3rd-grade)

19                No School – Teacher in-service day

22-26     Red Ribbon Week

26                Fall Parties

31        End of first marking period



Federal Programs Report


Luanne Keebaugh informed me late last week that our federal money was over $500,000.00. When federal money goes over this amount, an audit must take place. Luanne said that I should hear from an auditor within the next week or two.


Information regarding staff and student numbers had to be put into the federal program egrant system.


I was also notified that the 2007-2008 Federal Programs Grant was approved.

o       Title I               117, 715.00     (salaries)

o       Title II   43, 769.00     (professional development)

o       Title V                  1, 561.00     (instructional materials)




Facilities Manager Report




The curbing job for the elementary parking lot was started Monday afternoon.


The air conditioning for the high school kitchen has been installed.


The area filled in below the ball fields is basically finished. I may need to bring in some limestone to level up the area for parking.


A failure of a seal in the mechanical room of the high school resulted in about three feet of water to accumulate in that room sometime during the afternoon and evening of August 23. It was discovered when we arrived at 6:00 Thursday morning for work. The Needmore Fire Company was contacted and pumped the water out. After the water was pumped out, partial power was restored to the building which was off because of a step-down transformer that was covered with water. Water and air conditioning was off until Saturday morning after the transformer was cleaned and allowed it to dry out. There was water over the well casing and emergency water samples were collected and sent to the lab on Saturday. It was tested for VOC’s, DRO’s and bacteria. There was a positive for bacteria. We followed procedure and chlorinated the well and sampled the water again about a week later after the chlorine had flushed through the system and dissipated. That sample came back clean and we were allowed to use the water for drinking. A follow up sample will be tested later this week. Bottled water and water coolers were used during the time we couldn’t use the water.


Repair work to the damaged components is in progress. All damage and repair costs accumulated to this point have been turned into the insurance company. Estimated costs so far is in the range of $20,000 to $25,000.


Business Manager Report


Nothing to report.





Technology Specialist Report


TIU WAN Project


The fiber cable between the HS and ES has been installed.  The equipment for the tower at the ES to communicate with TIU#11 has been installed as well.  We’re waiting for eRate confirmation to be able to use the equipment anticipated to be late October to early November.


Strategic Plan Update


I was able to get an extension on our Student Services Plan submission.  We can wait until our policies have been reviewed and updated by PSBA.


PowerSchool Server


The PowerSchool server worked fine for a couple weeks.  Sometime between Friday (9/14) and Monday (9/17) it failed again.  I have moved the PowerSchool application to another server so that it is operational for faculty, staff, students, and parents. 


I will investigate the problem with the server itself to determine if it’s worth fixing or just leave PowerSchool on the other server.  I’m working with Gateway on this but unfortunately we have not been able to run any kind of test that pinpoints what the problem actually is.




Accessing Student Lunch Information


As part of the Food Service Solution application that was purchased for the cafeterias, we have been uploading student lunch information to their server.  At some point, parents/guardians will be able to see what their child’s lunch balance is and make payments.


I’ve sent information to our faculty and staff so that those that have children can test it.  So far, the feedback has been positive.  I’ll meet with the principals within the next week or so to discuss rolling this out to the parents.