Administrative Reports



Southern Fulton School District Board Meeting


Tuesday, December 2, 2008



District Report

PSBA Legislative Meeting


The fall PSBA legislative meeting for our region took place on Thursday, November 13, at 7:00 in the Mt. Union high school library. Southern Fulton was represented.


Solicitor’s Open House


The annual Andrews and Beard open house will be December 4 from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Please let Mrs. Feagley know if you plan to attend so she may notify the firm.


Mandatory Lunch Program Meeting


Mrs. Schetrompf and Mr. Scott attended a mandatory training at Camp Hill on November 18. Since we have an outside food service provider, we must redo the RFP’s. It will require a considerable amount of paperwork to comply with this court-ordered mandate.




The Joint Operating Committee of the Fulton County AVTS will meet at Southern Fulton at 7:00 p.m. on December 11.


Keystone Awards


At the November TIU 11 Superintendents’ Advisory Council meeting, a representative from PDE presented the state’s Keystone Awards for the individual schools which had made AYP for two years in a row. Southern Fulton received two awards, one for each building. The elementary school and the high school each have earned five awards for a total of ten, which means each building has earned the award every year since the program’s inception. This is a remarkable achievement and is a tribute to our faculty, students, and staff. Also, the support of the parents has been an invaluable component to the District’s success.


Each building will put its latest Keystone Award on display in its main entrance lobby.





Support Staff Contract


The support staff contract expires on June 30, 2008. By law, negotiations are to begin in January.




While counties to the west of us have been hit hard by Old Man Winter, Fulton County has been spared thus far. To date, there have been no school cancellations or delays.





High School Report


Cross Country


The 2008 Southern Fulton girls cross-country team made up of Chelsey Hollenshead, Keena Elbin, Lacey Beatty, Amy Bard, and Mariah Hill captured the D5 cross-country championship held at Bedford Votech on Nov. 5.  Lacey Beatty surged to the lead midway through the race and held off all challengers to finish first overall in a time of 21:11.  Chelsey Hollenshead finished third overall, while Amy Bard was 6th, and Keena Elbin finished 8th, giving the Southern Fulton girls 4 finishers in the top ten.  JC Munson finished 6th overall in the boy’s race and qualified to run at the state championships at Hershey.




The varsity record was 6-11. The talent was there, but there were a lot of unexpected obstacles, mainly injuries this season which made it difficult to gain any consistency.  Through it all though, the girls continued to maintain high expectations and learned to adjust whenever needed.


JV-   As with the Varsity, the JV had to do a lot of adjusting due to injury, etc. as well.  This was a young team, many of which had never had any JV experience, but they did a great job of learning the defenses and offenses and showed a huge amount of growth throughout the season. 


Jr High- record was 4-10.  They were young and inexperienced, but there was talent there and the girls seemed to learn a lot.  Things look promising for the upcoming JV/V team.


Junior High Soccer


Junior High Soccer had a successful season.  Our numbers increased to 27 student athletes this year.  We recorded a winning season with a record of 7 wins 5 looses and 1 tie.  We scored a total of 44 goals, with 14 different players scoring, which shows that the players worked well together as a team. Our student athletes kept their grades up during the season.  We had no players miss because of grade ineligibility.  The team conducted itself in a respectable manner both on and off the field receiving no yellow or red cards from the referees.  


This team worked hard all season long showing continuous improvement.  They looked forward to every practice and every game. Someone asked me if I was glad the season was over.  The answer was, “No!  I wished we had another 10 games.”  The team was that enjoyable to coach and they were just getting to the point where they were taking their game to the next level.      


Keystone Achievement Awards


Southern Fulton proudly accepted another year of Keystone Achievement Awards.  This honor is awarded based on PSSA scores.


Student Photo IDs


This year, the students at SFHS received student photo IDs at no cost to them.  This is a service that is provided by LifeTouch, the new photography company that is doing student pictures this year.  These photo IDs will provided a great need to our students who travel, take the SATs and in many other instances where ID is required. 




The National Honor Society and the National Junior Honor Society are working hard this year to provide services to both the school and the community.  Some of the things they have been doing include Teacher Kidnap Day, a Canned Food Drive, and they have decorated the high school for the holidays.  They have activities planned for the next couple of months, which include Letters to Santa and activities with the elderly. 


Yearbook Update




An Easy Method to Purchase Yearbooks


Now, we’ve made it even easier for you to get your yearbook!  In a partnership with Jostens, our yearbook printer, we are offering a service that allows you to purchase your yearbook from home.  All students should receive an envelope in the mail of the details about the yearbook offer.  The envelope will include the price of the book, the ordering deadline, and information on any other yearbook items available.  You will be able to purchase your yearbook by mail, the Internet (look for the link on the Southern Fulton School District website) or by calling toll-free 1-866-282-1516.




College Update


There is a college panel planned for December 22 for the current Juniors and Seniors at SFHS.  This is an opportunity for students to have an open forum to discuss college life with alumni who have experienced college at all levels. 


In-House College Advisor – Keystone College Advising Corps


Mr. Lund is looking into the following events for SFHS:  visit to Shippensburg University, arranging “Making It Count” assembly via, and a financial aid night before January. 


Building Usage Item


As long as there is no conflict with the high school gym, the Warforsburg FFA would like to host a County FFA Dodge Ball Tournament on December 12 from 6:30 - 9:00 p.m. 


Upcoming Events


·        December 3 – FFA Fruit Pickup

·        December 4 – Grade 8 Vision Screenings

·        December 7 – Chorus Concert 3 p.m.

·        December 8 – Camfel Assembly, “Charting Your Course”

·        December 11 – Grade 7 Vision Screenings

·        December 14 – Band Concert 3 p.m.

·        December 18 – Grade 12 Vision Screenings

·        December 22 – Jr/Sr College Panel

·        December 24-January 2 – No School




Elementary Report




Southern Fulton has been recognized as a 2009 Title I Distinguished School!!! The school will be honored at the Improving Schools Conference in Pittsburgh which will be held in January. The school has also been invited to submit a proposal to present at the conference. In addition, the school has been invited to submit a proposal to be in the running for national recognition – only two schools are selected for this prestigious award.




Parent/Teacher Conferences


There were approximately 385 parent/teacher conferences that were scheduled for November 11.


Mid-Year Report (ABG)


A mid-year report for the Accountability Block Grant was due to PDE by November 21. The report has been completed and was submitted on time.


Mifflin County Teachers


Six teachers and an administrator from Mifflin County visited SFES on November 10 to view instructional practices in classrooms for both reading and math. The teachers had very positive things to say about the school and staff.


Veteran’s Day Assembly


Mr. Marlin Lynch coordinated and organized the Veteran’s Day Assembly which was held on Friday, November 14. The color guard from the 167th Airlift Wing in Martinsburg presented the call to colors. They also performed the correct way to fold a flag. Also, Mr. Billy Ward spoke briefly to the students about his time in the service.


Environmental Education


Joe Hollenshead, Herb Brambley, Pat Bard, Mr. Scott, and I visited St. Mary’s Area SD on November 19 to view their environmental facilities. We viewed a trout nursery, outdoor classroom, greenhouse, wind turbine, raised flower beds, as well as the beginning development of an amphitheater. The committee will meet to discuss goals and next steps that should be taken to enhance our environmental education program.


The pre-application for a 2009-2010 DEP Grant has been submitted.


Three fifth-grade students have submitted essays to win laptops for the school. The topics of the essays had to deal with environmental issues.




The PreK monitoring that took place at the end of October went very well. There are a few minor adjustments and changes that need to be made to the program.


Miss Galson will be attending a training for the Environmental Rating Scale on December 3 in Carlisle. She will also attend a training for PreK teachers on December 19 in Harrisburg.



Parent Luncheon


In honor of American Education Week, a parent luncheon was held on Friday, November 21. Approximately 200 parents attended this event.




The PTA graciously donated $200.00 to provide dinner to the teachers for the Parent/Teacher Conference Day.


The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 15 at 6:30 p.m.


Christmas Concerts


The Christmas Concert for grades K-3 will be held on Monday, December 8 beginning at 7:00 p.m. The Christmas Concert for grades 4-6 will be held on Tuesday, December 9 beginning at 7:00 p.m. The Needmore Fire Hall and the PA State Police have been contacted to assist with traffic flow and parking. Dave Smith has also been contacted to provide shuttle service for those that park at the high school.


Student Teacher


Danielle Jones will be student teaching in Mrs. Gates’ first-grade classroom beginning January 12 and running through April 24, 2008.




Lisa Truax attended a training on transition on November 13, 2008 in Bedford.


Joan Peachey, Tom Knox, and Kathy Cutchall attended a workshop entitled, “What’s New in Children’s Literature and How to Use it in Your Program” on November 19, 2008.


Herbert Brambley attended a DEP Grant Writing Conference on November 13, 2008 near Harrisburg.


Leah Eslinger and Michele Auker attended Wilson Reading Training on November 12, 17, and 18.


Ellen Glunt will be attending a training on December 12, 2008 entitled, “Making Math Count” – it is a PSSA workshop.




Federal Programs


A Title I Family Night will be held on Friday, December 4 from 6:30 – 7:45 p.m. Students and parents will be playing board games that implement everyday reading strategies. There will also be a book exchange during the evening. Hot chocolate and candy canes will be served as treats.




Science Textbooks


This is the year to select science textbooks with implementation of the new science series taking place the 09-10 school year. Textbooks companies have been contacted and sample copies have been sent. Also, meetings have been set up to meet with textbook company representatives so that staff members are able to compare similarities and differences between programs and select textbooks that will best benefit students. Most of these meetings will take place in January and February.




At this point, fifteen formal observations have been completed by me with the average observation report being three pages long.




A meeting was held with Mr. Scott, Mrs. Hendershot, Mrs. Cheatle, and I to discuss issues such as the number of classes that are required for students to be counted as completers. There will be more on-going conversations about this as well as discussing ways to implement Vo-Tech classes into the schedule.




Federal Programs Report

Nothing to report.






Facilities Manager Report


Nothing to report.







Business Manager Report




I have been in contact with Gordon Walker and have set up a meeting to discuss our finances including options for use of our fund balance.


The Business Office has been working with employees to refine procedures for expending funds from accounts they are responsible for.


(FYI- A monthly report on the tax stabilization fund is included with the financial statements each month.)  




Technology Specialist Report




The December 2008 PIMS information has been uploaded to PDE.  I’ll be printing reports and distributing to the principals so that the information can be verified.




During the month of December I’ll be working on submitting the necessary eRate forms so that we can get reimbursed for some of our telecommunications expenses.  Note that the direct amount that we get in rebates this year will drop significantly from previous years since we now use IU #11 for our Internet connection.  The eRate for this is submitted by the IU and is reflected in our monthly payment to them.


Videos of Interest


The following videos are interesting and are available on YouTube: