January 20, 2009 Admin Reports

  Administrative Reports



Southern Fulton School District Board Meeting


Tuesday, January 20, 2009



District Report


School Cancellations, Early Dismissals, and Delays


To date inclement winter weather has necessitated three school cancellations, two early dismissals, and three delayed starts. School was dismissed early on December 16 and January 6.  Two-hour delays were on December 22, January 8, and January 15. School was closed on December 17, January 7, and January 16. The first make-up day was January 19, as per school calendar. The other make up days will be February 13 and April 9. The remaining unused make-up day is April 13. If more than one more day of school closings are required, additional days will be added onto the school calendar. Thursday, June 4, is currently the last scheduled school day of the 2008-2009 school term.


Local Audit


The local audit for 2007-2008 will be reported by Mr. Chuck Frame at the February board meeting. The audit was completed by the firm of Boyer & Ritter.


School Directors’ Recognition Month; PSBA Standards of Governance and Code of Ethics: Pride and Promise Campaign


As part of PSBA’s campaign to make the public more aware of the degree and difficulty of service by a school board member, January has been designated as School Director Recognition Month. Each board member has a certificate of appreciation from PSBA placed at his seat. Also, the plaque from WAYS has arrived and will be placed in the high school.




A copy of a disc from PDE has been placed at your seat.  It is a growth model to show academic growth of individual students over the course of a year.  PDE will be able to use this information when establishing AYP criteria with the federal department of education.





                                                High School Report


District Chorus


District Chorus was on January 14-17, 2009.  Elizabeth Hartman qualified for Regionals by placing 5th in her section. Megan Deneen and Emmaline Crouse were named as alternates. Brian Stanley and Carissa Gordon were also in District Chorus. While they did not place, they represented SFHS with distinction.


Field Trip Request


National Honor Society has requested a Field Trip to the Salvation Army on February 10, 2009 to provide community service and work in their soup kitchen.  This will be an all day event. 




The snowball dance is January 31 in the high school cafeteria from 7-10 p.m.  Tickets are $5.00 per person and anyone in Grades 7-12 may attend.  Students who wish to attend as a guest of a Southern Fulton student are required to get a form signed from their home school principal, stating they are in good standing at that school and do not have behavior issues.  These forms will be due on January 28, 2009. 




Due to the whacky weather, which resulted in early dismissals, 2 hour delays and school closings, mid-terms were moved from January 14-16 to January 21-23 to reflect the “true” mid-year.  January 21 is Day 91.




Eleven members and the chapter advisors, Miss Booth and Mr. Pepple, of the Southern Fulton Future Business Leaders of America attended the 2009 Pennsylvania FBLA Regional Leadership Conference on January 5 at Shippensburg University.


The team competing in Banking and Financial Systems consisted of Megan Deneen and Natalie Keebaugh.  The team placed 1st at the competition and are eligible to participate at the State Leadership Conference to be held at Hershey, PA at the end of March. Also, other members competing and qualifying for the SLC were Serena Bishop in Accounting II– 1st place and Sarah Null in Spreadsheet Applications – 1st place. Other members in attendance that placed but not eligible for the State Leadership Conference were Tara Wadusky in Business Communications – 4th place, Brittany Smith in Client Service – 4th place and the Desktop Publishing team of Kelsi Swope and Carissa Gordon earned a 4th place finish.


The Future Business Leaders of America is a national career and technical student organization whose mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.


Junior High Science Fair Winners


1st – Jenna Palmer - $50 Savings bond

2nd  -  Noah Smartt - $25 Savings bond

3rdMorgan Strait - $25 Savings bond


Diploma Recovery Program


There has been 1 person complete the program this year and there is another in the process of completing the program.  I have received several calls for information regarding the program.  A HUGE thank you to Joe Hollenshead for his math help!!!!! 


Financial Aid Workshop


The FAFSA workshop will be held on January 26 from 12:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m. in the auditorium.


January is the first month that students can begin submitting their completed FAFSA for the 2009-2010 school year.  Current seniors who are planning to attend college in the Fall of 2009 need to complete this form in order to qualify for financial aid – local, state and federal.


The FAFSA requires information from both students and parents and can be somewhat challenging to navigate, especially for first-time applicants.  The purpose of the FAFSA Workshop is to make applicants more comfortable with the process and to help them avoid common application errors that can lead to delays in processing forms.


Bruce Diefenderfer, PHEAA Regional Director, will be presenting the workshop.  Bruce has been offering the workshop at Southern Fulton for several years now.  Last year we had over 60 parents and seniors in attendance.  This year the flyers were distributed to students in class and they were mailed home to the parents. 


In-House College Advisor – Keystone College Advising Corps


The “Making It Count” assembly via monster.com will be held on Wednesday, January 28 from 9-10 a.m. for all juniors and seniors in the high school auditorium. 


Classrooms for the Future Grant (CFF)


We have nine classroom teachers that are included in the CFF Grant:  Melissa Barton, Yvonne Griest, Julie Dickerhoff, Stephanie Hartman, Melissa Mackel, Justin Sholes, Jon Diffenderfer, Judy Schriver and Joe Hollenshead.  All of these teachers have a Promenthan Board, LCD projector and laptop to begin utilizing for instruction.  All of this equipment has been installed and is ready for use.  There are 3 laptop carts that are available for use in the classrooms as well.  It has been suggested to implement a rotation schedule so that teachers can plan for their use.  As part of this grant, teachers (and me) are required to participate in an online professional development course created specifically for the CFF grant.  The goal is to implement 21st century skills into the curriculum. 


Building Usage


The WAYS Soccer organization has requested the use of the high school fields from April 1- May 31 from 6-8 p.m. for youth soccer games. 


Upcoming Events


January 26 – FAFSA Presentation

January 27 – 9th graders to tour Vo-Tech p.m.

January 28 – 2nd Period Assembly – 11th & 12th graders

January 28-31 District Band

January 29 – Winter Sports Pictures starting at 8:15 a.m

January 31 – Snowball Dance

February 3 – Jr. High STARS Bowling Trip

February 12-14 – FFA ACES Conference

February 18-21 County Chorus/Regional Chorus

March 1 – County chorus, FFA – McConnellsburg SLLC Conference

March 13 – FFA Martinsburg BBF Public Speaking

March 14 – Chorus concert

March 30-31, April 1 – FBLA State Leadership Conference

April 1 – Chorus Hanover, FFA Blue Knob, FBLA

April 2 – FBLA

April 9 – FFA Gettysburg State Officer School

April 17- NJHS Busch Gardens

April 18 – NJHS Busch Gardens

April 18 & 19 – Overnight chorus trip; Sr High Guard and Ensemble

April 24 – FFA public speaking; Harrisburg

April 25 – Sr High Band Concert

May 2 – Jr High Band and Chorus Concert

May 8 – Environmental Science

May 12 – Career Day Grades 7-11

May 15 – Field Day

May 16 – Sr High Chorus Concert

May 22-23 – NHS Trip; Whale Watching

June 4 – Hershey Park – Band

June 10-12 – FFA State Convention



Elementary Report




A meeting was held on Monday, January 12. The next fundraiser will kick off on January 26 and run through February 10.




Deb Schetrompf and I worked on two reports that were due to the state by January 15. We also had to make a few revisions in the budget due to Gov. Rendell’s mandates.


Another monitoring will take place on January 30, 2009. Also, someone will stop in and visit for 3 hours between Feb. 2 and 27 to complete and ECERS rating (Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale). This is a mandatory visit as part of the grant.




On Monday, January 19, six teachers and one administrator from Bedford Elementary visited classrooms to observe guided reading lessons.


Nature Trail/Environmental


Herb Brambley, Pat Bard, Kenny Weurtentburg (by phone), and I met with James DeShong regarding the nature trail.


The next Nature Trail meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 3 at 3:15 PM.


I received word this week that we have been approved to begin stage 2 of the grant process with the caveat quoting: “Please be aware that due to a significant decrease in available grant funds, this will be a very competitive grant round.”


Herb Brambley and I submitted a grant to have a team work on the nature trail for an entire year. Mr. Brambley is to be commended for his hard work in this area – he completed 90% of the grant on his own.


Herb Brambley has been selected as one of three finalists for the Iditorad Teacher on the Trail. He will fly to Alaska on February 28 and be involved in additional testing to see who will qualify for the finalist.


Curriculum Information


Science scores have officially been released:


Grade Level                 SFSD                           State

4                                  90                                81

8                                  69                                53

11                                38                                36


Science meetings have already begun with representatives from textbook companies. In all three meetings will take place at the high school and three at the elementary school.


To date, 33 teacher observations have been completed. 


On January 28, Meredith and I will be visiting Sun Tech in Harrisburg, along with Dwayne Northcraft, Todd Beatty, and Elizabeth Cheatle, to gather information and ideas for the Fulton County Vo-Tech. Scheduling needs to change in order for students to receive their core courses.


On January 29, Meredith and I will be attending a symposium in Bedford dealing with vocational schools’ programs of study.



Federal Programs Report


Kathy Cutchall, Darlene DeShong, Cheryl Hoffner, Kendra Trail, Kristi Whiteside, and Diane Younker will be presenting at the Improving Schools Conference in Pittsburgh, PA next week. The team will be leaving early Sunday afternoon to arrive in time for the awards banquet that evening. The team will present on Monday from 1:45 – 3:15 and on Tuesday from 10:30 – 12:00.


I will be completing an amendment to our Title I funds, because the final allocations have been uploaded in egrants.




Facilities Manager Report




On Saturday when temps dipped below zero we had one unit heater at the HS and two at the elementary freeze causing water leaks. The leaking coils and clean up was taken care of by the maintenance/custodial staff.









Business Manager Report




I will explain the changes in formatting of the Financial Reports and Bill Listing.  Also, I have attached an Account Number Description to the Quarterly Budget Report to make the report more user friendly





Technology Specialist Report




I’m working on the January 2009 submission.  This information includes staff information that will be used to determine our Highly Qualified Teacher status for 08-09.


eRate (09-10)


I submitted our Form 470 outlining those services we will want reimbursed for during the 2009-2010 school year.  Towards the end of January, I’ll submit our Form 471 indicating who the vendors of these services will be and the estimated costs.


Strategic Plan


I attended a workshop at the IU on January 16 pertaining to the new eSP tool which is used for our strategic plan.  There is a requirement to perform a midpoint review.  I will be working with Mr. Scott, the Principals, and Mrs. Mottern to complete this as required.


Training / Conferences


·        I’ll be attending a two-day training session required by the Classrooms for the Future grant.  This will be on January 26 and January 27.

·        I’ll be attending the PA Education Technology Conference (PETE&C) from February 8 thru February 11

·        I’ll be attending a PASBO webinar with Mrs. Schetrompf the morning of January 21.  The purpose of this is to prepare us for a processes and policies audit which includes technology.