Administrative Reports



Southern Fulton School District Board Meeting


Tuesday, June 23, 2009



District Report


TIU Administrative Retreat


The annual administrative retreat is being held today and tomorrow at State College. Participants from Southern Fulton are Mrs. Hendershot, Mrs. Trail, Mrs. Younker, and Mr. Scott.


Green Schools Conference


Mr. Shaw and Mr. Scott will attend a Green Schools Conference at Penn State on Friday. Costs are paid by TIU 11.




The Joint Operating Committee of the Fulton County AVTS met on June 18 in the Southern Fulton High School library. Dr. Arnold of Forbes Road is retiring, and position of superintendent of record will be the responsibility of Southern Fulton.


PARSS Report


This will be a verbal summary of the PARSS state board meeting.




High School Report


Faculty vs. Senior Bball Game


Our annual faculty versus the senior class basketball game was a huge success this year. Held on June 1 at 7:00 p.m., the gymnasium was just about full in support of this fundraiser. The senior class voted to donate the money to the Swadley Family and over $4,000 was raised this year. Kudos to Mr. Sholes who is the organizer of this event!




Thank you all for attending! It was a great night for our students and their families to celebrate. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Safe and Drug Free Schools Grant


The Safe and Drug Free Schools Grant has been completed and submitted. The total is around $2700, which I requested to be used towards Bullying Awareness. I am working with the Intermediate Unit to provide training to our staff and students to combat bullying, specifically the junior high.


Safe Schools Report


The Safe Schools report has been completed and released to the state. A summary of the totals include: 26 out of school suspensions, 9 fights, 6 minor altercations (someone hit and the other did not fight back), 1 threat, 1 possession of a knife, 1 simple assault and 7 tobacco misconducts. We are considered a Safe School.


Building Usage Requests


The Shooting Stars have requested the use of the high school cafeteria for basket bingo on June 28, 2009


Mrs. Mottern has requested the use of the high school auditorium on August 17, 18, 19 for Music Camp, where practice for the musical will begin.


Mr. Arnold has requested the use of the Band, Cafeteria, and Gym on August 10-11 for Band Camp.





Elementary Report


Health Room Visits


Student health room visits continue to increase each year. During the 08-09 school year, there were 13,776 student visits with 253 staff visits.


During the 07-08 school year, there were 13,605 student visits with 324 staff visits.


Student Teaching


Ms. Amanda Schetrompf will be completing her student teaching with Mrs. Kristi Whiteside during the fall of 2009.


Mrs. Laura Northcraft will be completing her student teaching with Mrs. Sandra Strait during the fall of 2009.


Science Camps


Lori Hansroth from the Penn State Extension office is scheduled to hold four science camps at the elementary school.


Environmental Information


Interviews for the crew leader (as a part of the PCC grant) will take place on Wednesday, June 24, 2009. A representative from PCC will lead the interviews. The grant begins July 1.




PA-Pact is the tool that I am required to use for our Accountability Block Grant which funds the salaries of our kindergarten teachers. This grant is now open. Due to stimulus funding, this grant requires A LOT of extra work and documentation. I hope to have it completed by the end of this week.




Letters have gone out to all parents regarding the enrollment for the 09-10 school year. Currently, we have 30 students in the SFES program and they are all four-year olds.



Federal Programs Report


The federal program grant is now open as well. There have also been many changes to this grant, courtesy of the federal stimulus funds. I will begin working on this grant after the PA-PACT is completed.




Facilities Manager Report




Back fill and retaining wall completed at track field.

Roofing project delayed because of weather.

Very good progress with summer cleaning and maintenance.







Business Manager Report




Starting July 1, 2009, Southern Fulton will be taking over handling the remittance worksheets for the TIUCIT for the 2009-2010 school year. Each school district in the consortium must take a turn and this coming school year will Southern Fultons.


There are CDs in the Tax Stabilization Fund that will be maturing in the next couple of days and next month. I will reinvest at the best rate available as previously approved and will provide the rates at the July 21, 2009 Board Meeting.




Technology Specialist Report


Summer Projects


  • Our three-year technology plan is due to be submitted to PDE by the end of September
  • The final 2008-2009 PIMS data to PDE will be due sometime this summer
  • Install new Library application
  • Install elementary school reading application
  • Upgrade Cafeteria system (FSS)
  • Upgrade Powerschool (student information system)
  • Move applications/resources from old physical servers to new virtual servers
  • Install new equipment/computers as requested by faculty / staff
  • Normal maintenance/upgrades to servers, computers, etc.