September 16, 2008 Admin Reports

  Administrative Reports



Southern Fulton School District Board Meeting


Tuesday, September 16, 2008



District Report


School Openings


Mrs. Trail, Mr. Mrs. Hendershot, and Mrs. Younker did an exceptional job in conducting a smooth school opening. As noted at the August meeting, the maintenance staff did an exceptional job in preparing the buildings and grounds for the students and staff.


No Child Left Behind/PSSA Results


The Pennsylvania Department of Education has officially released the 2007-2008 school year PSSA data. The data will be summarized and then presented publicly to the board at the October board meeting. Dr. Tracy Hinish and Mr. Bob Shinskie of Tuscarora Intermediate Unit 11 will have a presentation for the Board.




During the August in-service opening session the teachers were challenged to set and strive to attain three goals: 1.) Maintain high expectations for students; 2.) Maintain time on task; and 3.) Maintain high levels of professionalism. PSSA results, the use of data, a technology update, confidentiality, special education training, and the IRS-required 403 (b) training were among the other topics of the programs.




High School Report


Open House


There were 58 parents in attendance at the High School Open House on Thursday, August 28.


Dual Enrollment Grant/Program


Allegany College of Maryland is offering English 101 to Southern Fulton Students the 1st semester in our building, three days a week during 1st period.  We have 21 students who are participating in the course.  Between the money we received from the Dual Enrollment Grant and the Education Foundation, Southern Fulton has been able to pay the full tuition for all students.  In addition, we have returned money to parents/students and used the Dual Enrollment Grant money to directly pay for the costs of the textbook, sent directly to Allegany College of Maryland.  We are looking into reimbursing parents for the registration fees that were already paid as well.


In-House College Advisor – Keystone College Advising Corps


Keystone College Advising Corps is a joint venture of Dickinson College, Franklin & Marshall College, Millersville University and Shippensburg University.  This fall eight KCAC advisors have entered high schools in Fulton, Huntingdon, Lancaster and Mifflin Counties to promote post-secondary education.  The goal is to meet with students to assist in exploring options after high school, financial aid opportunities, college/job applications, personal essays, letters of recommendation, SAT registration and any other requirements needed during the college admissions process. 


Mark Lund is the advisor for Southern Fulton High School.  He is in the building twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays all day.  Thus far, he has seen 12 seniors individually and visited all senior English and History classes to introduce himself and his services, which include:  Career/Major selection, College Prep Information, Post Secondary Admissions/Entrance, Registration for SATs, financial aid discussions, and matching student interests with schools. 


His future endeavors consist of coordinating college visits for Southern Fulton students, college/career fairs and general exposure to post-secondary schools. 


SATs at Southern Fulton High


Once again, Southern Fulton High School will host an SAT site on campus.  The testing date will be November 1, 2008.  The last day to register is September 29, 2008.  Students can register online at 


School Store


The SF Trading Post currently has many items in stock and available for immediate purchase such as:  t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, hats, gloves, mittens, pompoms, umbrellas, portfolios, garbage cans and much more.  Angela Adams, librarian and store manager, will also continue to hold two sales a year where specific sizes, specific colors, and items not normally kept in stock may be ordered.  These sales are held in the Fall and Spring and additional ordering ideas are always needed.  Ms. Adams has in the past, and will continue to do so when requested, played "secret shopper" for ordering Christmas and birthday gifts for the parents/guardians of students.  Please contact Ms. Adams at school or home from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. at 814-735-4029 if needed.





Building Usage


The following requests for permission to use school facilities have been received:


National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society – September 19-20 for a “lock-in” to do planning for the year and team building.  They are using the gym and hallways, beginning at 7:00 p.m. Friday evening and ending at 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning.


Southern Fulton Athletic Association – November 8 for the annual sportsman dinner/drawing.  The have requested the cafeteria from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.


Current Enrollment for the 08-09 School Year


7                    78

8                    85

9                    77

10                70

11                61

12                68


Total         439     


Total at end of 07-08 school year was 422


Upcoming Events


·        September 27 – Band, Wilkins Warfordsburg

·        October 1 & 2 – Mobile Dentist here

·        October 9 – FFA Apple Cider Day

·        October 10 – FFA Apple Butter Day

·        October 11 – Berkeley Springs Parade/Band

·        October 22 – Scholastic Scrimmage

·        October 24 & 25 – “The Sound of Music”




Elementary Report




The first PTA fundraiser sale ends September 16. It was with Cherrydale. The next PTA meeting is scheduled for October 13 at 6:30 p.m.



Building Usage


The Girl Scouts have requested to use the library every Wednesday beginning September 17, from 3-5:00 p.m.




Mr. Scott and I attended a mandatory meeting in Harrisburg yesterday regarding Pre-K.


The morning session has 15 four-year olds in the class, which started on Tuesday, September 2. The afternoon session has 16 students in the class with 15 of them being three-year olds and 1 four-year old. The afternoon class started on Monday, September 8. Things are going very well.


Accountability Block Grant


The end-of-year report for the 07-08 school year was due by August 29. This report has been completed and was submitted on time – thanks to the assistance of Tammi Ifert.


Environmental Education


Unfortunately, we did not receive the DEP grant for $15,000.00. I will be asking PTA for some financial assistance so that we can continue to make improvements on the trail as well as purchase some materials and resources.


The next Environmental Education Committee Meeting will be held sometime in October.


Grandparent Luncheon


The grandparent luncheon was held on Friday, September 5. We had approximately 307 grandparents that ate lunch with their grandchild/grandchildren.


Book Fair


The book fair was a success this year. Profit from the book fair is $1,614.45.


Health Room Visits


Health visits for the 06-07 school year was 10,887. Health visits for the 07-08 school year was 11,500. These visits do not include students who come in for routine medications such as insulin, asthma inhalers, pills, etc. Also, the number of health room visits for staff members increased as well. For the 06-07 school year 187 staff visited, and staff visits for the 07-08 school year were at 297.



Current Enrollment for the 08-09 School Year


K         63

1          79

2          67

3          63

4          80

5          67

6          74

Total   496      (plus add 31 Pre-K students)


Total at end of 07-08 school year was 497



Upcoming Events



17                Constitution Day; Reading meetings

18                School Pictures

24                Bible Release starts; 6th-graders to Reed Englert’s farm in Fulton County



            1,2       Mobile Dentist

            8          PANA – Walk at School Day

            13        6:30 PTA Meeting

            14        Third-grade Native American Day       

            17        No School – In-service Day

            31        Fall Parties



Federal Programs Report


I will be attending a Federal Program’s Meeting in Altoona on Oct. 2. The district will be monitored this year for Federal Program.


Also, a report for Staff and Student Participation Data had to be submitted to the state as well.




Facilities Manager Report


Some Items That Were Done This Summer


At the elementary there was a new fence installed behind the ball fields (north) to help prevent kids from going over that steep hill. New partitions were installed in all the boys’ restrooms. The old ones were rusted very badly and the odor was unbearable. The new ones are easy to clean and should help eliminate the odor problem. An ice machine that was donated by the Athletic Association was installed in the maintenance/supply room. It is accessible to all. New carpet was installed in the hallway of the office. I also put down vinyl runners and mats to help prevent wear and dirt build up on the carpet. The CCTV system that was started last year has been upgraded and cameras cover all the hallways and stair wells. New tracks, rollers, and springs were installed on the divider door in the cafeteria/gym. An upgrade was made to the back up generator. New steel doors were installed in the hall leading from the gym to the district office.


Projects at the HS include a new pump high capacity and high water alarm in case we have a problem in the mechanical room like we did last year. The second phase of the roof restoration was completed. Flooring was replaced in two rooms. The gym floor was refinished. The old round tables in the library and all the old chairs were replaced.  




Business Manager Report




Local Auditors, Boyer and Ritter, will be starting the audit for the school year ending June 30, 2008 on September 22, 2008.  After the audit has been completed and I have been given beginning balances to enter, budget reports will be given to the board quarterly.





Technology Specialist Report



Classrooms for the Future Grant (CFF)


Revisions to our CFF grant have been submitted to PDE.  They have asked for some clarifications which I have provided them.  We are waiting for approval from them.  If all goes according to plan, we should start receiving the equipment in December. 


At various times during the next few months I’ll be attending CFF training at the IU and PaTTAN in Harrisburg for this project.


PIMS 07-08 Data


The last of the PIMS data uploads to PDE for the 07-08 school year is due September 22, 2008.  I’m working on completing this.


Powerschool Online Grades Issue


In August, we upgraded to the newest version of Powerschool.  Since then, a problem has been reported whereby, for some classes, when grades are uploaded by the teachers to Powerschool, the assignments will show but not the marking period grades.  This means that when parents / students look at their grades online, they can see their individual assignment grades but not the marking period grade.  I’m working with Pearson support to fix this issue and hope to have it resolved by the end of the week.