Administrative Reports



Southern Fulton School District Board Meeting


Tuesday, September 15, 2009



District Report


School Openings


Mrs. Trail, Mr. Mrs. Hendershot, and Mrs. Younker did an exceptional job in conducting a smooth school opening. As noted at the August meeting, the maintenance staff did an exceptional job in preparing the buildings and grounds for the students and staff.




During the August in-service opening session the teachers were challenged to set and strive to attain three goals: 1.) Maintain high expectations for students; 2.) Maintain time on task; and 3.) Maintain high levels of professionalism. PSSA results, the use of data, a technology update, business office procedures, and confidentiality were among the agenda topics.


Faculty and staff also participated in bullying prevention training led by Mrs. LaTisha Hockensmith of TIU 11, and in suicide intervention training led by Mr. Kenny Wuertenberg. Both of these programs were very well-received by all participants.


State Budget


As of this writing, there isn’t one.


Feasibility Study


Representatives of four architectural firms visited the district to tour the facilities. We expect to receive from four to six RFP’s. The due date is September 16.


H1N1 Virus


Students were given a packet of information to give to their parents. Included was information from Mrs. Sandy Crouse, school nurse, who had provided some tips for prevention. The parents were informed of the actions the district will be taking in an effort to lessen the potential impact of the flu. These actions include non-alcohol sanitizers in the cafeterias and computer labs, more frequent cleaning of desks, and increased emphasis on washing hands.


President’s Address


Students were permitted to watch President Obama’s address to them. Parents who did not want their child to watch were permitted to have their child opt out of the viewing.


Milk Proposal


The Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association is interested in partnering with Southern Fulton in a recycling/dairy promotion program. The program would be for two years and the Association would provide a dairy vending machine(s) for the high school and $2,000 for a milk cooler for the elementary. The District would agree to purchase milk in plastic containers but would recycle them. The increased cost would be 3 1/3 cents per unit, but the District would be reimbursed 2 cents per unit for recycling. Additionally, Metz, Inc. has agreed to absorb any additional cost up to the loss number provided in its contract. Anything beyond that would be the responsibility of the district.


Since our current trash hauler does not have recycling, we would have to use another vendor at an additional cost of $1200 if the District wanted to switch totally to recycling.




High School Report


Open House


Open House was held on August 27, 2009 from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.  There were 99 parents present for this event, compared to 58 last year.  Yippie!!!!   


Dual Enrollment Grant/Program – Education Foundation


Allegany College of Maryland is offering Psychology and History this year at Southern Fulton High school.  The teacher is Todd Hoffner.  However, due to the budget issues, currently the Dual Enrollment Program has been eliminated from the state budget. 


There are currently 18 students enrolled this semester.  These students and their parents will pay for the majority of the costs. 


In-House College Advisor – Keystone College Advising Corps


Mark Lund will be here 3 days a week!  This IS good news!  He is here Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.






Library News


The library earned over $140 towards books from their recent book sale.  The profit will be claimed in conjunction with the spring book fair so Miss Adams can process the books over the summer.


The library is sponsoring their annual Fall School Spirit Clothing and Novelty Item Sale.  Order forms are available in the library or on the table outside the office.  Please contact Miss Adams for more information.


The Fulton County Library recently donated two bookshelves to our library.  The book shelves are greatly appreciated and will be used, for this year, to house Career and College materials.


Field Trips


Mr. Arnold forgot to include these on the list that was approved in August:


Band – Nov 6, 2009 – Fulton County Fall Band Festival; McConnellsburg

Band – Jan 22-23, 2010 – FFCMEA County Band; Waynesboro

Band – Feb 10-13, 2010 - District Band; Huntingdon High School


Mark Lund has requested the following field trips for 11th & 12th graders:


Shippensburg University – Sept 29, 2009 NO COST to SFSD

Allegany College of MD- Oct 8, 2009 NO COST to SFSD


Health II Classes:  Body Worlds; November; NO COST to SFSD


The following requests for permission to use school facilities have been received:


WAYS Soccer has requested to use any available fields from August 14-October 1 from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. 





Elementary Report


Pennsylvania Conservation Corps Grant


Dave Powell has been hired as the crew leader for the year-long grant from PA Department of Labor and Industry. He will begin working on September 21; however, he will be involved in a four-day training and will officially begin his duties in the school district on Friday, September 25.



Department of Environmental Protection


This grant will be used to purchase items such as wind generator, LED message board, stone for nature trail, solar panels, etc. The grant amount is $10,462.00.


Grandparent Luncheon


There were approximately 350 grandparents that attended the Grandparent Luncheon on Friday, September 4.


Open House


Open House for students in grades 1-6 was held on Monday, August 24. Approximately 350 students had a parent or guardian attend.


Reminder – Student Teachers


The following ladies will be student teaching in the elementary school from August 20 through the beginning of December, 2009.


Amanda Schetrompf is student teaching with fourth-grade teacher Kristi Whiteside.

Lindsay Clark is student teaching with third-grade teacher Cheryl Hoffner.

Laura Northcraft is student teaching with second-grade teacher Sandra Strait.


Enrollment Numbers


Pre-K                          30



Kindergarten                55

First-Grade                  62

Second-Grade              73

Third-Grade                 58

Fourth-Grade               59

Fifth-Grade                  80

Sixth-Grade                  68


Total w/o Pre-K           455


Upcoming Events



15        Picture Day; Kendra to CAC meeting at IU

17                Constitution Day

22        PTA Fundraiser ends

23        Bible Release begins for grades 3-6; Community Relations Meeting;

                        PANA Meeting

24                PVAAS Workshop at IU



5-9             Mobile Ag Science Lab

6          School Improvement workshop at IU; 6th-grade students to Reed Englert’s




Federal Programs Report


Nothing to report.





Facilities Manager Report



Nothing to report.






Business Manager Report


Nothing to report.





Technology Specialist Report




The new district-wide library and elementary school reading programs have been installed and are operational.