Administrative Reports



Southern Fulton School District Board Meeting


Tuesday, January 18, 2011



District Report


Inclement Weather


Thankfully, we have not had to have any school closings at this point. We have only had two two-hour delays.


AlertNow Notification System


The AlertNow notification system did not work this morning. I tried for over an hour. Doug is checking into the situation. Letters were sent home to all parents today reminding them to also check the local television and radio stations. AlertNow is not a fool proof system as was demonstrated today.


Keystone Awards


Each school received another Keystone Award. SFES and SFHS are two of only 1,003 schools that have received Keystone Awards each year since 2003.




A JOC meeting will be held on Thursday, January 20, 2011 at 7:00 PM at the FCAVTS office.


Board Member Training


A board member training was held on Saturday, January 15. Two main topics that were discussed were special education and school safety.


Office Intern


Jessica Hull is an intern in the district office, elementary office, and high school. She is on schedule to graduate from Central Penn College on May 6 with a degree in business administration and a minor in management. She should be finished her internship by mid February.



High School Report



Materials Processing


The Materials Processing classes donated over 250 Holiday Ornaments to the Fulton County Medical Services, War Memorial Hospital, and the Warfordsburg Senior Center. The students in this course used scrap wood and donated materials to design, create and finish the ornaments. 




The history/social studies classes in all levels conducted activities for Martin Luther King, Jr Day.  The junior high students reviewed the famous speech and had classroom time to discuss Martin Luther King’s achievements.  The senior high students analyzed the speech, journaled and had individual classroom discussions. 


Guidance News


There have been 54 college applications processed through the guidance office so far this year.  Currently, no students are on the waiting list to be seen.  A representative from PHEAA will provide a free presentation to help parents complete the FAFSA form on January 21st at 12:30.  A letter went home to all senior parents to invite them to the presentation.  Parents will have the opportunity to go through the FAFSA form and ask questions as they complete it.  College bound seniors will be encouraged to attend the presentation also.


District Chorus


Congratulations to the SFHS students participating in the PMEA District 4 Chorus Festival at Glendale High School. The results of last night's auditions for Region III Chorus are:


Isaac Hartman placed 12th in the Bass 1 section and is an alternate for Regional Chorus.


Molly Deneen placed 18th out of 35 in the Soprano 2 section.


Mariah Hill placed 12th as a Soprano 2 and is a Regional alternate.


Emmaline Crouse placed 4th as a Soprano 2 and qualifies for Regionals.


William Taylor placed 3rd as a Tenor 2 and qualifies for Regionals.


Region III Chorus will be held at Huntingdon Area High School in February.


All these students worked hard preparing for the festival and did a fine job.



Financial Aid Workshop


The FAFSA workshop will be held on January 21 at 12:30p.m. in the auditorium.


January is the first month that students can begin submitting their completed FAFSA for the 2011-2012 school year.  Current seniors who are planning to attend college in the Fall of 2011 need to complete this form in order to qualify for financial aid – local, state and federal.


The FAFSA requires information from both students and parents and can be somewhat challenging to navigate, especially for first-time applicants.  The purpose of the FAFSA Workshop is to make applicants more comfortable with the process and to help them avoid common application errors that can lead to delays in processing forms


Upcoming Events

·         January 26 – 9th grade Fulton County AVTS Orientation @ McConnellsburg; ALL DAY

·         February 7 – Lifetouch Spring Portraits

·         February 9-12 – District Band

·         February 11 – Club period – 9th period

·         February 16 – SALT Presentation @ McConnellsburg; 11th & 12 graders in the PM

·         February 18 – No School – possible make up day

·         February 21 – No School – President’s Day

·         March 11 – Club Day

·         March 11-12 – NJHS Trip to Massanutten

·         March 14-25 PSSA Reading & Math Testing Window

·         March 18, 21, 22 – PSSA Testing for 7, 8, 11th Graders

·         March 18, 21 – Senior Project Presentations in am

·         March 22 – Seniors – Tower Bank Presentation/Casual Pictures

March 23-26 Regional Band




Elementary Report











Pre-K Counts:


I met with our Partner, Allegheny Lutheran Social Ministries, on December 9, 2010.  We reviewed recruitment and enrollments plans and also discussed spring registration for the next school year.


Building Use Request:




Homebound Student:


One elementary student is currently receiving homebound instruction.  This instruction is slated to last until January 31, 2011.



Upcoming Events:



               24                 PTA Meeting 6:00 PM Elementary Library(Cancelled)

               27                 Report Cards distributed and Possible Failure Notices sent

               31                 100th Day of School *barring any snow days in the interim

                                    Faculty Meeting



2                                 Wacky Wednesday “Jersey/Favorite Sports Team Day

7                   PTA Meeting rescheduled 6:00 PM Elementary Library

9                                 Wacky Wednesday  Southern Fulton School Spirit Day”

14                    Valentine Parties

16                      Progress Reports Due

                     Wacky Wednesday Patriotic Day-Red, White, and Blue”

18                   No School – Possible Make-up Day

21                             No School – President’s Day

23                             Wacky Wednesday Hat Day”

23,24                        Kindergarten Registration

28                             Faculty Meeting




               13                 Daylight Saving Time begins

               14-25            PSSA Reading and Math

               23                 End of Marking Period Three

               28                 Faculty Meeting

               28-31            PSSA Writing



Federal Programs Report


Due to a recalculation of our Title II funds at the state level, the district must submit $980.05 to our Intermediate Unit (TIU 11) for professional development in nonpublic entities.






Facilities Manager Report




Follow up to the walk through of the buildings with Board President and Principals: Most items have been taken care of. The remaining items will be taken care of this summer.

Clean up of old elementary building: Majority of trash and garbage has been removed.

Despite being short one maintenance man, we seem to be keeping up with items around the school.






Business Manager Report




The PSERS Board of Trustees set the employer contribution rate to 8.65 percent for fiscal year 2011-2012.  The employer contribution rate for fiscal year 2010-2011 is 5.64 percent.


Mrs. Trail and I met with Mr. Chuck Frame from Boyer and Ritter to go over the draft of the Financial Statements for the year ending June 30, 2010 on Tuesday, December 21, 2010.  Mr. Frame will meet with the board tentatively at the February board meeting to review the June 30, 2010 audit.


Quarter Reports have been completed and submitted for ARRA Title I, ARRA IDEA, PA Pre-K Counts, Title I and Title II.






Technology Specialist Report




Greg Reineke is holding another electronics recycling event on the Saturdays of January 15 and 22, 2011.  A flyer regarding this is posted on our website.  I will be taking several old printers, computers, etc. there to be recycled.  Most of these are either broken or so old that they are not usable.




I’m working on submitting the appropriate eRate forms for the 2011 – 2012 school year.  Other than the normal telecommunications services (telephone, etc.), I may also apply for a server to be used for our website and email.  The eRate federal grant gives us rebates of about 65% on various services.




In January and February I’ll be working on submitting the proper PIMS data to the state.  This data is used to determine the percentage of highly qualified teachers (HQT) in our district.  This data includes information about our faculty / staff and their duties.  This is then cross referenced with their certifications to determine their HQT status.





Supervisor of Special Education Report



PASA State Assessment Tele-Conference


Conference was held at the IU on 1/13/2011. The training reviewed the upcoming changes on the PASA.  


PDE Conference in Hershey, PA


PDE conference was held January 11 – 14.  The sessions I attended included:  RtII for Mathematics, Overcoming Life’s Goliaths: Lessons in Leadership and the Power of Vision, Teaching and Learning and Leading in the 21st Century, Coaching: Helping Students on the Autism Spectrum Succeed in Their Social and Academic World, The Key Comprehension Routine: Content Literacy Instruction, Networking Breakfast Meetings: Universal Design for Learning, Standards Aligned System, Secondary Transition,

Teaching Word Recognition: Kindergarten through Grade 4, Motivation and Underachievement, Closing the Achievement Gap, Beyond Highly Qualified: Preparing, Supporting, and Identifying Effective Teachers and Their Role in Improving the Outcomes for Students With Disabilities, Universal Design for Learning:  Present and Future Directions. 


Having an opportunity to network with fellow educators and supervisors across the state is an awesome experience.  It allows everyone to network and brainstorm together. 


Occupational Therapist


Mrs. Jenny Morgan has returned from maternity leave.  Mrs. Morgan completed a certification program in sensory integration, which has proven instrumental in her delivery of instruction for those with sensory impairments.        


Grant Application


Status on the grant?




Teachers have completed their budgets which have been submitted to me to tally the total expenses.  Connie willingly printed and copied the budget papers and tallied up the total expenses in each category.


Recommendation to spend Medical Access funds in reserve was suggested at the Special Education Advisory Meeting prior to the changing of the guards in the political arena. 


Walk through Observations were carried out in Special Education Rooms at the elementary school with Mrs. Trail, Mrs. Corle, and me. The walk through provided valuable information in such a short time. Formal Evaluations have been carried out on all of the elementary special education teachers for the first half of the school year. 


Inappropriate Behaviors on the Rise


Prior to Break and following Christmas Break there has been a rise in inappropriate behaviors carried out by students.  Restating the rules and consequences for those infractions has been on going.  Special Education Teachers are incorporating Social Skills Lessons into daily schedules as an effort to assist with the increasing number of peer confrontations and/or refusal to carry out classroom assignments. 





Job Experience


A senior in high school has been volunteering his time at the elementary school in order to gain job skills and transition experiences prior to graduating from school.


Evaluation Requests are on the Rise


Approximately 10 individuals have requested that their child be evaluated to determine if they have a disability.  The evaluations will be carried out as soon as they can be scheduled and the necessary paperwork has been completed.