Administrative Reports



Southern Fulton School District Board Meeting


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


District Report


Feasibility Study


To date, Crabtree Rohrbaugh has completed the initial building/site visits to verify exiting conditions and existing use of space. Currently they are completing existing conditions electronic documentation of building plans and verifying building capacities.


All staff survey’s have been completed and have analyzed survey results; however, those results have not been shared.


An Initial Study Team Kick-off Meeting has been set for August 3, 2010 at 10:00 AM which will involve the principals, Mrs. Younker, possibly one to two teachers and myself.


August 17th and August 31st are tentative future meeting dates.


Anticipated Board Presentation to provide Facility Study update is tentatively scheduled for the September 21, 2010 board meeting.


The following list summarizes the nature and contents of the study.



































District Overview  - Currently in Progress













An overview of the school district including such factors as








geography, population, and wealth.











An overview of the school district including such factors as any distinguishing






characteristics that will have an impact on facilities such as geographically






separate population centers.























Educational Program – To be determined through meetings with the District











An overview of the school district's educational program that








highlights any special facility needs including any instructional practices or planned





curriculums that will require special design features.






















Projected Enrollment CRA will analyze as part of study whether or not there is growth













An analysis of projected enrollment.











A review as to whether projections 5 to 10 years into the future are













reasonable and reliable.











The likely enrollment for each building and for each grade structure.



















Student Capacity - CRA currently analyzing as part of study – will make information available during initial meeting.













An analysis of each building's capacity as it relates to the educational program





including, not only how many students can a building house, but if each building





provides the types of educational spaces dictated by the educational program.


















Physical Condition CRA has completed initial bldg/site surveys – currently compiling data and will make recommendations as part of the Building Options.  HVAC/Plumbing/Electrical to be analyzed.













An analysis of each building's physical condition including the condition and projected





useful life of each building's major components (HVAC, plumbing, etc.) any






code violations, whether the building is accessible, structurally sound and






energy efficient.


























Improvements - To be determined through meetings with the District












Improvements and Costs to upgrade each building to current standards.




















Options - To be determined through meetings with the District













An analysis of construction options including the pros and cons of each alternate







Cost estimates for each option.
























Study Author – To be made part of final document













Documentation regarding the author's credentials including education, registration or





licensure and experience qualifying the authors to perform the study















IU Training


Mrs. Corle, Mrs. Hendershot, Mrs. Younker, and myself attended the TIU 11 Summer Administrative Retreat on July 13, 2010. The training focused on PDE’s roll out of SAS (Standards Aligned Systems).


Active Schools Grant


SFES was one of 40 elementary schools in PA to receive a $15,000 grant to purchase outdoor and indoor materials and equipment that focus on physical fitness for students.




Visit to Number 1 High School in America (US News and World Report)


Mrs. Hendershot and I visited Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology last Thursday. We visited with the principal for about 1 ˝ hours. The meeting was meaningful and led to some exciting ideas. One idea that we are looking at include ways to get businesses involved in education. We also discussed ideas regarding professional development time for teachers. It truly was a worthwhile trip.




The district will be monitored on Monday, August 2, for stimulus funding that the district has received.




Accountability Block Grant went from $174, 404 to $166,713 with a loss of $7,691.


Basic Education Funding Hold Harmless went from $513, 914 to $518, 882 with an addition of $4, 968.00.


Timber Management Plan


I am still working on this. I have already spoken with one gentleman who said that he would charge between 1,000 and 1,500 for a timber management plan. I have also left a message for another gentleman to call me back.




Our thoughts and prayers go out to Sally Wilson on the loss of her husband.  Memorial Service will be held tomorrow.




High School Report


Mellott Company


I am working closely with Paul Mellott and Carole Zirkle to create a meaningful partnership with the Mellott Company.  They are committing to five $2,000 scholarships for the Class of 2011 based on their “Values Based Leadership” program they have established.  There will be 5 presentations given to seniors in the fall introducing the program.  Students will incorporate the components (Safety, Integrity, Commitment, Respect, and Excellence) into their senior project presentations that will be observed by a Mellott representative as well as designated SF staff members. 


In addition, we are working on career visits for sophomores throughout the school year, during each quarter, to introduce SF students to various professions. 




CAPS (Creating Access to Postsecondary Schools) is a leveraged partnership opportunity that is intent on increasing the preparedness of students to enter and succeed in postsecondary education. The initiative consists of one high school partnering with one postsecondary institution; both institutions working together via sponsored activities/events to introduce students and parents to college opportunities.

It is a grant from PHEAA in the amount of $10,000.00.  The funding for this grant will be on a year-to-year basis, anticipated through 2014.  If we have a successful launch of this program there is a strong chance that funding would continue beyond this year. We will know specifics by August 15. 


SFHS has been selected and there are only 24 high schools in the entire state that are included in this grant.  This funding will be used for mentoring, visits, tutors, SAT Prep and other college readiness activities as agreed upon by the postsecondary institution and the high school.

Master Schedule


The master schedule is complete.  We are working on scheduling individual students at this time. 




·         August 17 – 7:30 p.m. Board Meeting

·         August 19 – Teacher In Service

·         August 20 – Teacher In Service

·         August 23- Teacher in Service

·         August 24 – First Day of School with Students

·         September 6 – No School – Labor Day




Elementary Report




I attended the Tuscarora IU 11 Summer Administrative Retreat on July 13, 2010 with the other Southern Fulton Administrators.  We learned about the PA Department of Education SAS (Standards Aligned System) portal that the district teachers and administrators will begin to use this school year. 


Title I Grant


The Title I and Title II Grants were submitted with appropriate Riders and await final approval from the Department of Education.


The district received $152,115.00 in Title I funding (Improving Basic Programs) and $45598.00 in Title II Funding (Improving Teacher Quality.


Pre K Counts


We currently have 25 students enrolled in our Pre-K program; therefore, we still have five openings.  We will be advertising in the Fulton County News for openings in the program.  Additionally, in a telephone conference call with OCDEL (Office of Child Development and Early Learning), Mrs. Trail and I learned that programs that support 20 children in each classroom are being cut by one student each to allow for the budget cuts in the PA Educational Budget (This does not affect our program).  A note of concern exists in that the PA Budget for the Pre K counts budget relies on the FMAP (Federal Medical Assistance Percentage) Stimulus funding that is to come from the Federal Government.  If this money is not passed to the states, PA will need to reopen its budget for this fiscal year and make additional cuts.  The future of the Pre-K Counts program could be in danger should this scenario present itself. 


Building Use Request


A request was received to use the Elementary Gym on 8/24/10 by Buck Valley Christian Church for a Community Prayer Service for the School Year from 7:00PM to 8:00PM.




The Masons of Maryland are providing a free Child Identification Program which is designed to give families a measure of protection against the ever increasing problem of missing children. They will provide to each interested family (free of charge) a CD with child’s name, address, height, weight, eye color, hair color, description of distinguishing marks, notes on health concerns, birth date, etc. This event will take place at the Hancock Canal Apple Days on Saturday, September 18, 2010. Flyers will be distributed to students.


I am learning the policies, programs, and procedures in my first few weeks at Southern Fulton.  I have updated the elementary schedule and am working on reviewing class lists and other information for the staff, families, and students.


Upcoming Events



19                    Teacher In-Service

                        6:00 p.m. Pre-K Orientation

                        7:00 Kindergarten Orientation

20                    Teacher In-Service

23                    Teacher In-Service

                        Open House (Grades 1-6) 6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

24                    Student First Day of School




Facilities Manager Report




Summer cleaning and maintenance is still on schedule.


I am in the process of replacing the gas lines to the HS building and green house because of an underground leak.


The EPA has passed a regulation that requires someone be certified in lead paint renovation if a building was built before 1978 and is child occupied.  I attended a certification class at the IU on Friday.   I now have that required certification.

Miller Floor Company is working on our floor.  They have so far screened the floor and were in the process of painting the borders and lettering at the time of this report.




Business Manager Report


Tax Stabilization Report


Six CD’s matured on June 29th and $1,423,114.40 was transferred to an I-Share account in PLGIT and will remain in this account until August 6th for payment of Series 2003 Bonds.  Interest rate is .19.


Two CD’s matured on July 9th and $498,942.50 was transferred to the same I-Share account in PLGIT and will also remain in this account until August 6th for payment of Series 2003 Bonds.


Four CD’s will be maturing on July 20th and $592,940.10 will be transferred to the I-Share account for the August 6th payment.  The remainder will be reinvested in CD’s at the best possible rate.


Information has just been received that Southern Fulton School District will be receiving $38,075.00 less in Basic Education Funding than what was proposed in March 2010.


Effective July 1, 2010 as per Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) #54, Athletic Funds that cannot solely support themselves, must become part of the General Fund.  The Athletic Checking Account will still be used, but expenses will paid out of the General Fund.


The following quarter reports were completed:

1.                  ARRA Fiscal Stabilization Fund – Basic Ed.

2.                  Safe and Drug Free Schools

3.                  ARRA – Title I Part A Grants to LEA




Technology Specialist Report


Nothing to report.