Administrative Reports



Southern Fulton School District Board Meeting


Tuesday, March 15, 2011



District Report



I met with the other Fulton County Superintendents and Don Burd yesterday to continue planning for next year’s votech programs. We are continuing our discussion this Thursday. Recommendations will be made at the next JOC meeting which will be held on Thursday, March 24th at 7:00 PM at Forbes Road.


Chapter 339 Review is to take place on March 29 – 31.


Community Presentation – Fiscal Reality

I received positive feedback from community members that attended the presentation. The presentation is on our website.


Andrews and Beard

Diane Younker and I will be attending Andrew’s and Beard law update on Thursday evening in Altoona.



Hopefully, weather calls are over for the 10-11 school year. Due to rising waters in some areas, school was dismissed early last Thursday. The last day of school is Friday, June 3.



SFSD is slated to lose $647,561.00 as a result of the governor’s cuts. (BEF – Basic Education Funding, ABG – Accountability Block Grant and CSR – Charter School Reimbursement)


Straight Talk for Parents Program

This free program for parents focuses on how to reduce the rise in medication and substance abuse in students. The program is scheduled for Thursday, March 24, 2011 in the high school auditorium. Flyers will be sent home with all parents and the alertnow system will be used as a reminder.





High School Report


Blood drive Project – written by Ben Wilkinson

After getting the Principal’s approval to use the auditorium, Joe Stringent, the Field Representative for American Red Cross, made arrangements that the Blood drive would be Tuesday, March 1st, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Prior to having it, I came an hour early and put up flyers, letting everyone know ahead of time. On the day of the blood drive, we had thirty people signed up. Of those thirty, only seventeen were able to donate. I acted as a greeter and signed people up, while answering any questions that they may have had. My helpers, (Joanna Leese, Jaedi Weed,  Steven Meyers, and Dezi Stouffer), did an awesome job setting up tables and chairs, while also keeping the participants happy while waiting. The canteen adult was Paul Wilkinson. Mrs. Shull, the co-op coordinator supervised the students all day.  After everything was accomplished, my helpers and I carried equipment and luggage out to their bus. Overall, it was a success for Southern Fulton High School.


Regional Chorus

Congratulations to Emmaline Crouse and William Taylor who each achieved top 10 chairs at PMEA Region III Chorus. They each competed in 22 member sections comprising the best singers of PMEA Districts 4 & 6. Emma placed 9th in the Soprano II section and William placed 6th as a Tenor II. While only the top 4 chairs advance to All State, these are impressive placements given the level of competition. Both students can be very proud of the effort put into festival preparation and their audition performances.




Scholarships have always been distributed to the students through their English or History classes.  An additional effort to disseminate scholarship information is now being made through the school website.  Doug Leisher has updated the website with the first scholarship bulletin.  A phone call was made using the Alert Now system contacting all seniors and notifying the parents of the recent scholarship posting.  Additional updates have already been made to the website including posting actual scholarship applications.  We will continue making updates and postings to the website along with distributing information through English classes.


Homebound Instruction

There is 1 student on homebound instruction per doctor’s orders.


Use of Facilities

  • May 21, 6 -10 p.m. & May 22, 12-3 p.m. – SFHS Art Exhibition, Creativity Council, Contact Carolyn Mottern
  • August 1-5; 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. – Soccer Camp, Contact Brian Strait




March 4 – FFA to Whitetail; 3:30 – 9:00 p.m.

March 11 – TATU/Creativity Council to McConnellsburg Theater; 8:30 – 3:00 p.m.



·         March 14-25 PSSA Reading & Math Testing Window

·         March 18, 21, 22 – PSSA Testing for 7, 8, 11th Graders

·         March 18, 21 – Senior Project Presentations in am

·         March 19 –  7pm 3rd Annual Invitational Concert – SFHS Ensemble

·         March 20 – 2pm National Honor Society Induction

·         March 21 – April 1 – Book Fair

·         March 21 – 1:00 – 2:30 Assembly Sponsored by Student Council Grades 7-12

·         March 22 – Seniors – Tower Bank Presentation/Casual Pictures

·         March 22 – p.m. Healthy Relationships Assembly Grades 9-12

·         March 23-26 Regional Band

·         March 24 – 7pm Drug Free PA Assembly in HS Auditorium

·         March 25-26 – NJHS Trip to Medieval Times

·         March 28-April 1 – PSSA Writing Window- 8th & 11th Graders

·         March 28 – PSSA Writing – Day 1 a.m. 8th & 11th grade

·         March 29 – PSSA Writing – Day 2 a.m. 8th & 11th grade

·         March 30 – PSSA Writing – Day 3 a.m 8th & 11th grade

·         April 1 – 12:45 – 1:15 Concert Assembly

·         April 4 – Marianna Delivery 2pm

·         April 4 – 8 – PSSA Science Window 8th & 11th graders

·         April 5 – 2:50 p.m. CIA Trip

·         April 5 – PSSA Science – Day 1 a.m.

·         April 6 – PSSA Science – Day 2 a.m.

·         April 8 – Last day to register for May SAT at SFHS

·         April 8 – Grade 7 Dentals

·         April 8 – Club Period – 9th period

·         April 13 – Senior Mellott Interview Day

·         April 18 – HCC 9:30 p.m.

·         April 21 – THERE IS SCHOOL

·         April 22 – No School – Good Friday

·         April 25 – THERE IS SCHOOL








Elementary Report




I attended Kindergarten transition meetings at the elementary on February 17, 2011 to plan for the needs of incoming Kindergarten students.


I attended an iPAD presentation at the High School from Paul Takac to learn about educational uses of iPADs.


            I attended a PreK partnership meeting with Bedford/Fulton Head Start at the        McConnellsburg site on March 8, 2011.


I attended a telephone conference call regarding the PA PreK Counts grant on March 10, 2011.




  • Kindergarten registration occurred on February 23 and 24 at the elementary school.  We have 44 students registered for kindergarten for next school year.


  • We held an emergency weather drill, coordinated through the county Emergency Management Agency, on March 1, 2011.  Mr. Steve Thomas represented Fulton County EMA at the elementary school during this drill and reported that our students were very well behaved during the drill.


  • PreKindergarten registration occurred on March 3rd at the elementary.  We had 16 students register for the program.  The next registration date is May 12th.





Pre-K Counts:

During the March 8th conference call, I learned that the preK grant is slated to be funded at last year’s level through the governor’s budget.  I will apply for continuation grant funding which opens in the preK grant portal on March 20th.  Through the budget revision process, we received $167,700 last year.  Of that amount, $66,300 was pass through funding for the McConnellsburg site.






Student Teacher:

Mrs. Elaina Buterbaugh, from Wilson College, will be student teaching with Mrs. Terry Shade in grade two during the first semester of next school year (2011-2012).






Upcoming Events




               14-25            PSSA Reading and Math (Grades 3-6)

               21                 Faculty Meeting

               28-31            PSSA Writing (Grade 5)

               29                 End of Marking Period Three



1                          PSSA Writing (Grade 5)

4                   Report Cards distributed

4-8                PSSA Science (Grade 4)

8                   Dental Exams (preK, K, and 3)

12                 Grade 1 Field Trip (Circus in Altoona)

18                 Faculty Meeting

18-20            Kindergarten Longitudinal Study (2nd visit)

21                 School in Session

22                 No School-Good Friday

                     Earth Day

25                 School in Session

26                 Spring Pictures (group) and 6th grade photo

27                 Officer Phil presentations (grades K-3)






Federal Programs Report


I will be attending the Federal Programs annual conference with Mrs. Tammi Ifert on April 4, 5, and 6, 2011 at Seven Springs.  We are slated to learn of the tentative budget amounts for next year as well as changes to how the grant is administered.


Facilities Manager Report


Nothing to report.



Business Manager Report


Work on the 2011-2012 budget continues.  Mrs. Trail and I have met with Mrs. Corle, Mrs. Younker, Mr. Shaw, Mr. Leisher, Mrs. Hendershot and Mr. Hendershot.  After all numbers have been entered, Mrs. Trail and I will review the entire budget.


On February 24, 2011, one CD matured earning $2,504.31 and on 02/24/11, one new CD was purchased at a rate of 1.25% with a maturity date of 02/25/2013. 


I will be sending the 2010 Liquid Fuels Tax Refund Claims for bus contractors next week.  The deadline for information to be turned into me is Friday, March 18, 2011.


The report for the 2010 Public Utility Report Tax Act has been submitted.


The delinquent 2010 per capita have been sent to Powers Rogers and Speaks for collection.


PDE 4625 report for School District Assignment of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families has been submitted.


Form 1041 and PA 41 for 2010 have been filed for the W. Don Hill Scholarship Fund.


Copier paper and custodial supply bids for the 2011-2012 school year are scheduled to be advertised.


I have submitted the current quarter’s ARRA IDEA B 1512 invoice to the Tuscarora Intermediate Unit for payment.


Placed at your seat is a corrected copy of the February General Fund Cash Receipts and Disbursements.



Technology Specialist Report

Nothing to report.




Supervisor of Special Education Report



Grant Application

Mr. Harris recently received the items he applied for through a grant.  The grant was from the Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh. The items he acquired included: Space Projector, Jump-O-Lane II, Strike Zone Target and Beanbag Set, Basic science Discovery Kit, and Hands on Discovery Lab.


Early Intervention Meetings

Meetings were held for incoming students to Kindergarten next year who currently have IEP’s through Early Intervention.  The meetings have proved to be informative as well as helpful in preparing for their arrival in the fall.  Individual needs were discussed early enough, so that there will ample time to acquire the items and services needed for the incoming students.


PASA and PSSA Testing

PASA testing window closes next week, all but three students have completed their state assessment.  The PSSA test began on Monday, will continue on Friday, and end on Monday for students with IEP’s.


Grant Approved

Mrs. Trail sent out grant information to the entire faculty.  Mrs. Glunt applied for the grant and was granted the grant.  She will be acquiring a system that will provide immediate feedback on student learning and understanding.