Administrative Reports



Southern Fulton School District Board Meeting


Tuesday, November 16, 2010



District Report


Safety Meeting


The administration will be meeting with PA State Police Officer(s) and local rescue personnel tomorrow to plan a safety drill for the high school for sometime in December.


Feasibility Study


The architecture firm of Crabtree, Rohrbaugh and Associates will be presenting the final draft of the feasibility study at our reorganization meeting on December 7.


Information on Special Transportation


Diane and I have already met with Dave Smith regarding transportation; however, I will be meeting with Diane tomorrow to finalize the information.




I attended the musical on Saturday evening, November 6. The students did a wonderful job!! I appreciate the hard work of Mrs. Mottern and the entire cast and crew.


Thank you to Dave Smith for providing transportation, free of charge, for the elementary students to go to the high school to view the musical. Thank you!!


Veteran Assemblies


Both buildings had Veteran Day Assemblies last Wednesday at 9:00 AM. I attended the assembly at the high school. Everything went extremely well.


Parent/Teacher Conference Day


Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Tuesday, November 23 from 4-8 PM, and Wednesday, November 24 from 8-11:30 AM.




High School Report




The SFHS newsletter is now beginning a student run publication.  We experimented with this for the November/December newsletter in Mr. Pepple’s class and found GREAT results.  The students collected pictures and wrote articles on activities/events at SFHS and compiled them into a beautiful publication.  The students that contributed were:  Chelsie Eader, Bailey Elbin, and Amy Bard.  It is very, very good!


Library News


The library has had an exciting and busy couple of months.  Our Fall School Spirit and Clothing item sale was one of our best ever.  Several parents contacted me and told me how they look forward to this sale every year and hope that it continues.  In addition, several parents visited the Trading Post, after school hours and with me present to purchase additional items.  We have also been receiving donations of books to place in the library and for which we are very appreciative.  Miss Adams plans to use the profits from the Fall sale to purchase additional supplies such as more barcodes, rotating bookshelves, and book processing supplies.  Please be on the look-out for a new look coming to the library hopefully by January.  Miss Adams is in the process of rearranging the library to promote book series and authors with more than 5 books.  Any fiction author with more than 5 books will be placed in a special series section alphabetically by the author's last name.  There will also be a specific fiction series section for specific topics such as Christian romance, westerns, etc.  The reason for the delay is that Miss Adams has over 300 donated books at home to be processed and it will take a while to finish processing them.




There is a new group that has started at SFHS – Interact Southern Fulton Rotary Club.  The group currently has 15 members and they meet twice a month at 7:30 a.m. to organize and participate in community events.  This group just completed Operation Christmas Child within the homerooms and they were very successful.  The students at SF filled over 20 boxes.  The Rotary Club is sponsoring a pizza party for the homeroom with the most items collected.  Mrs. Ritz’s homeroom class was the winner.  A big thank you to Ms. Kauffman for assisting with this organization!




The NJHS collected 1300 cans for the Fulton County Food Bank for the Thanksgiving holiday.  They also sponsor, assemble and put up the Veteran’s Wall that is found in the cafeteria.  Mrs. Hollenshead does a great job with this group of young folks. 




Veteran’s Day Assembly


The Student Council sponsored a Veteran’s Day Assembly this year. It was held on Wednesday, November 10 at 9:00 a.m. in the high school auditorium.  The assembly consisted of student participation as well as an EXCELLENT guest speaker.  It was well received and Mrs. Barton received multiple compliments on the quality of the program this year. 


The Wiz


Once again, Mrs. Mottern and the cast of this year’s musical, “The Wiz” was a huge hit!  The auditorium was packed on Friday evening for the opening night of the production.  All of the cast members, stage crew and volunteers did an excellent job!  If you see any of the members, please congratulate them for a job well done. 


The Harvest Dance


The National Honor Society sponsored a Harvest Dance for grades 7-12 in the high school cafeteria.  Students were permitted to dress in an appropriate costume and everyone had a great time.  The dance was held on Friday, October 29, 2010. 


Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership


Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership, commonly known as HOBY, is one of the oldest and most prominent youth leadership organizations in the world.  HOBY was founded by actor Hugh O’Brian after returning from spending nine inspirational days working and volunteering with Dr. Albert Schweitzer, the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize Winner.  The 2011 HOBY conference will be held at Millersville University.  The exact dates have yet to be determined but it will be during May or June. 


Southern Fulton can nominate one student from the tenth grade class to attend the HOBY conference.  The Southern Fulton Education Association will cover the cost of the conference.  The HOBY representative for this year is Noah Smartt.




The Southern Fulton Band finished first in the Mummer's Halloween Parade and the Fulton Fall Folk Festival Parade.  They also finished 2nd in the Mercersburg Halloween Parade.


Cross Country


The 2010 Cross Country season was a huge success for SFHS.  The girl’s team won the District 5 Championship, the ICC, and placed 15th at the PIAA State Meet.  The Southern Fulton Girl’s Cross Country team finished their season 15th in the AA girls State Championships on Saturday in Hershey.  The team was lead by Alex Zanella 38th, Amy Bard 150th, Jenna Hollenshead 185th, Macey Hollenshead 201st, Lacey Beatty 214th, Mariah Hill 262nd, and Taelor Morton 280th. 


In the boys AA State race, Josh Voight placed 207th.




The volleyball season started a little rough for the team this year, starting the season 0-8.  However, they turned their season around in October going 6 – 6.  Therefore, ending their season 6 – 14 and 9th in the District standings.  Other individual accomplishments include:  Whitney Ritz was named to the ICC 1st team All-Stars and the Public Opinion Athlete of the week; Ashley Sigel received an Honorable Mention for the ICC All-Stars.


The Volleyball team held a Volley for a Cure night to raise money for the fight against Breast Cancer on Nov 10th.  We had over 200 people attend the game to see the Faculty take on the Varsity team.  The faculty won the match 3 games to 2.  The big winners were the girls and their effort in raising $2000 to donate to the American Cancer Society.




The Varsity Soccer team had a rough season, finishing 1-16-1.  The program is continuing to get better, as we are getting more competitive and physical with other schools.  The students are beginning to come together as a team, however, they did have some issues with ineligibility due to grades.  The coach is working on a few changes that will address the ineligibility issues and is looking forward to having a successful season next year.


Building Usage Requests


Elementary Cheer Program, Patty Murray with help of Deb Hixon, to use the Varsity Cheer Area from November 19, 2010 – March 15, 2011.




·         November 23 – Teacher Kidnap Day

·         November 23 – Parent Teacher Conferences

·         November 24 – Parent Teacher Conferences

·         November 25-30 – NO SCHOOL

·         November 27 – NHS Red Cross Gift Wrap – Hagerstown Mall

·         November 28 – NHS All Nighter

·         December 5 – Chorus Concert 3:00 p.m.

·         December 10 – Club Period

·         December 12 – Band Concert 7:30 p.m

·         December 14 – ACM Spring Registration 9:30 a.m.

·         December 23 – ½ day Act 80

·         December 24 – January 2 – NO SCHOOL

·         January 14 – Club Period

·         January 17 – No School – Martin Luther King, Jr Day

·         January 21 – 12:30 p.m. FAFSA Workshop

·         January 21-22 FFCMEA County Band



Elementary Report




I will attend the School Improvement Planning training with staff from the High School and Elementary School at the IU on November 18, 2010.




·         The district raised $2012.21 for the Sean Matthew Williams fund.  Students at the elementary raised $1408.21 in their collections.

·         Our Elementary students and staff had an opportunity to attend a special performance of “The Wiz” on Thursday, November 4th.  The students and staff had a wonderful time and appreciated the work of all involved.  We also thank Mr. Smith for providing the transportation to and from the High School.

·         Mr. Brambley spoke about his time in Alaska on the Iditarod Trail to a group of about 99 adults and children that attend the Southern Fulton School District and several others from the community at our Parent Involvement night at the elementary school on November 9, 2010. Mr. Brambley’s book “Cotton’s Tail” was available for purchase.  Mr. Brambley is donating a portion of his book sales ($130.00) to support obtaining a “Trout in the Classroom grant” for the school.

·         The elementary held an assembly to honor our Veterans on Wednesday, November 10th at 9:00 AM.  We had 5 Veterans and one current serviceman participate in our assembly.  We felt honored to have these heroes take part in this special recognition with us.

·         Mr. Ickes’ homeroom took part in a voluntary Youth Tobacco Survey through the PA Department of Health on November 15, 2010.

·         Parent-Teacher conferences will be held on November 23rd and 24th.


Pre-K Counts


We currently have 26 students in the PreK grant program.  On October 20th, I was contacted by Pam Eyer, our program specialist for the PreK program.   We lost 4 slots which amounted to $15,600.00 in reduction in our PreK Grant amount to $167,700. Mrs. Schetrompf and I reduced our grant accordingly.   We had our annual ECERS observation on Friday, November 12, 2010.  This is an observation of the classroom by an outside observer and is related to the goals of the Prekindergarten program. 



Active Schools Grant update


Installation of all of the equipment and sand is completed.  Mrs. Kimberly Berg from Alamance Elementary School in Greensboro, North Carolina, traveled to our school on Thursday, November 4th, to train Mr. Merv Yoder and Mr. Ryan Ickes on using the outdoor and indoor equipment with Project Fit America Lessons.  Mrs. Berg commented on the wonderful participation of our students in the activities and how well behaved the students were in each of the classes.


Building Use Request






Mrs. Suzette Knox will be hosting a student teacher, Heather McConnell, for the Winter/Spring Semester through Shippensburg University.


Upcoming Events



14-20                           American Education Week

15-19                           Santa Workshop (PTA)

18-19                           Mobile Dentist

19                                Parent Luncheon

22                                Faculty Meeting

23-24                           Parent-Teacher Conferences

25-30                           No School- Thanksgiving Break



13                                7:00PM Christmas Concert for Grades K-3

14                                7:00PM Christmas Concert for Grades 4-6

15                                7:00PM Make-up date for Christmas Concert Grades K-3

16                                7:00PM Make-up date for Christmas Concert Grades 4-6

23                                Early Dismissal for Act 80

24-31                           No School-Christmas Break



Federal Programs Report


I completed our Title I Comparability Report.  We received the final signed paperwork from the Department of Education on our 2010-2011 Federal Programs Grant.





Facilities Manager Report




Lowell and I are continuing to work on repair and maintenance items from our building walk-thru with Kenny and Mrs. Trail.


A gate was installed across the access road that leads to the water discharge for the waste water plant. There was a concern from Mr. Barton that people were going back that road during hunting season and hunting on school property.


The exercise area and equipment installation has been completed at the elementary.


We recently installed all new bulbs and a couple new ballasts in the elementary parking lot lights. We also had to install new wiring between two of the lamp posts.


Chlorination of the water has been started at the elementary.




Business Manager Report




I have placed at your seats this evening, Budget Reports for June 30, 2010 and September 30, 2010.


FYI - Tomorrow evening I will be attending a Fulton County Tax Collection Committee Meeting regarding early implementation of Act 32 originally scheduled to begin January 2011.  I will bring back a report at the December Board meeting.


The 2011-12 Budget Requisitions are being updated and will be sent to teachers December 1, 2010.  The deadline to be returned to principals is December 23, 2010.




Technology Specialist Report


Laser Printer Toner


I’m investigating an option to save money on laser printer toner.  There is a company that some school districts are using that sell manufacturer compatible toner.  They also repair, free of charge, the printers that they supply toner for.  The free service is for repairs, we’d still need to purchase supply-type items (e.g., toner, drum units, etc.)



Computer AntiVirus Licenses


We currently have an antivirus/antimalware license for all computers and servers in our buildings.  These are renewed annually.  Since we have had very little impact of viruses, I’m considering only renewing licenses for faculty/staff computers and some, but not all, student computers.  For example, elementary school computers do not access the Internet much so it might be wise to not renew some of their licenses.





Supervisor of Special Education Report


Special Education Workshop


Special Education Teachers received training from Mary Whittaker-Myers on Transition Mandates and suggestions on how to carry out our responsibilities in alignment with IDEA(Individuals with Disabilities Education Act).    Also, new compliance monitoring sheets where shared with the staff so that they are well aware of the changes coming to the district when monitoring time arrives for SF, which should be next year. 


Indicator 13 is a huge component in the upcoming state monitoring.  Indicator 13 (Transition Planning) focuses on how and what the district is doing to follow mandates issued by the Federal and State for students who are leaving high school to ensure that they are ready for post secondary education, employment, and independent living.  This is an area that the district needs to demonstrate improvement in, if we are to be compliant during the next evaluation.  This area of concern is the reason the Ameri-Corp Position was sought out because the purpose of this position is to assist the district in working toward improving transition opportunities for our students.


Special Education Advisory Meeting


On December 15, 2010, I will be attending the IU for a Special Education Advisory Meeting.  The Advisory Meeting is held for all Special Education Leaders within IU 11.  It provides opportunities for each of us to network and assist each other with IDEA Compliance. 




Evaluations continue to be requested, mostly by parents.  Usually when report cards are sent home the potential for parent requested evaluations occur.  Under the IDEA laws, I have ten days to issue a permission to evaluate when this occurs.  Two more requests were received last week.  





Special Education Transition Informal Meeting with the IU


An information conference call took place with the Elementary Principal and me with Fran Merrifield.  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss potential students who have IEP’s entering the district next school year.  The information shared will allow the district to plan accordingly, so that the financial needs are submitted into the budget.  This will allow the district to make long range plans to meet the needs of those incoming students.   


There are fewer children with IEP’s who will be entering Kindergarten next year.  (At this time there are less than ten, but that can change quickly.)  Several have significant needs that will require specialized equipment, transportation, and instruction. 


Ameri-Corps Position


Mrs. Sipes volunteered her time and energy to assist in shoveling sand on the playground around the fitness equipment on a Saturday morning.   


Laurel Life


Counselors from Laurel Life began seeing students in our district last week. Students who have Medical Access insurance will be seeing one counselor and those who have private insurance will be seeing another individual. 


There are a growing number of behavioral concerns within the student population of students with and without IEP’s. Our hope is that when the counseling sessions begin we will begin to see less inappropriate behaviors. 


Substitute Teacher


Ms. Zimmerman is covering for Mrs. Glunt while she is on Maternity Leave.  Mrs. Glunt is to return to the district on January 18.     


Conferences and/or IEP Meetings


There will be IEP Meetings scheduled on parent teacher conference day.  This worked out well last year.  When all the teachers gather to talk to parents it saves time and resources to hold the meetings together.  


Secretary of Special Education


Connie has been very busy trying to get Clear Track data straightened up.  When Clear Track updated information, it created havoc in the system with dates and data.  She has been working diligently to correct this problem.  Clear Track is the system used to monitor and calculate the funds being submitted to the district through IDEA.  All IEP Meetings and paperwork must be completed by 12/1.  It must be accurate, if it isn’t, the district can lose money.  We are working hard to make sure that doesn’t happen, which means many individuals looking at data and trying to fix the data.


PSSA M – Training


Two Special Education Teachers will be participating in training on PSSA M.  The webinar is free and will outline the eligibility requirements needed for a student to take the alternative assessment.  Mr. Fischer from the high school and Mrs. Auker from the elementary will be taking part in the webinar.