Administrative Reports



Southern Fulton School District Board Meeting


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


District Report


Financial Classes


At our first board retreat in July, board members set a goal regarding fiscal responsibility. The IU will pay for board members, administrators, and business managers from each school district to participate in a five session course on budgeting. You do not need to attend every session. The dates of the sessions are:





There is a JOC meeting on Thursday at 7:00 PM at the Fulton County AVTS Office. An update regarding the visit to Lehigh Career and Technical Institute will be given at the meeting. The director of Lehigh, Dr. Clyde Hornberger, is willing to freely give of his time to tour our facilities, review the articles of agreement, and give recommendations.


Feasibility Study Team Meeting


The next Feasibility Study Team meeting will take place on Thursday at 9:00 AM.



High School Report


Fall Story Time


Mrs. Schriever has started the fall story time with her child care class.  There are 19 toddlers attending on Wednesdays and Fridays from 1:00 -2:00 p.m.  The child care students are doing an excellent job.  They were even here last week during a fire drill and handled themselves perfectly!




English News


Mr. Sholes has started an initiative in an attempt to earn more scholarship money for Southern Fulton students.  He is attempting to make each major essay for juniors and seniors eligible for a scholarship essay contest.  The juniors recently competed in the “Ben Franklin Scholar Essay Contest,” which is open to all PA juniors.  The state wide winners will be announced at the end of November.  First prize is $3000, with $2000 for 2nd and $1000 for 3rd.  Our local winners are Laura Hawkins, Nolan Keirsey, and Kelsey White.  The seniors are currently preparing essays for a national essay contest based on the writing of President John Kennedy.


School Spirit Sale


The Fall School Spirit and Clothing Sale is in full swing.  Now is the time to order specific sizes of clothing and to get names put on them.  As always, the Trading Post is open all year around to purchase such items as travel mugs, key chains and other items.  All order forms are due to Miss Adams by November 3rd.  Any profits will be used to purchase additional barcodes, labels and related supplies which have run short because of the large number of books that have been donated.  Miss Adams has purchased some of the supplies out of her own pocket, but is unable to purchase everything that is needed.  Any questions /comments should be directed to Miss Adams at or 814-735-4029.




The PSATs were given on Wednesday, October 13, 2010, during periods 1-4, to all 10th graders and those 11th graders that registered with the guidance office.  The cost of this test is $13.  All 10th graders took the test at no charge to the student as we have budgeted to pay for this assessment.  11th graders wishing to take the test had to pay the $13 upon registration.  We had five 9th graders, sixty 10th graders, twenty-seven 11th graders and 4 non-SF students, for a total of 96 students taking the test.  That is the most EVER since I have been here.  2008 = 45, 2009 = 37


Red Ribbon Week


The Southern Fulton Student Council is active and working hard.  They are sponsoring Red Ribbon Week, October 25-29, to promote Drug Free living.  They have designated activities throughout the week.  Small prizes will be awarded to the participating classes.  The Fulton County Center for Families is donating prizes for this event, as well as providing red ribbons for every student in the building.


The following days have been assigned:


Monday October 25th: Red day

Tuesday October 26th: Mismatch day

Wednesday October 27th: Sweats Day

Thursday October 28th: Camo day

Friday, October 29th : Team up against drugs: Wear a Jersey!




Whitney Ritz was named as the Public Opinion’s Athlete of the Week.




·         October 19 – Grade 8 Vision Screenings

·         October 19 – 1:00 p.m. Fall Sports Pictures

·         October 20 – Grade 9 Vision Screenings

·         October 20 – Wilson College Rep @ 11:45 a.m

·         October 21 – Grade 10 Vision Screenings

·         October 22 – Grade 11 Vision & Hearing Screenings

·         October 25-29 Red Ribbon Week

o   Monday – Red Day

o   Tuesday – Mismatch Day

o   Wednesday – Sweats Day

o   Thursday – Camo Day

o   Friday - TBD

·         October 25 – PSU College Rep @ 11:50 a.m.

·         October 26 – Robert Morris College Rep @ 1:30 p.m.

·         October 27 – IUP College Rep @ 12:30 p.m.

·         October 27 – Hancock Halloween Parade

·         October 28 – Mellott Presentation to Seniors – Commitment 8:10 a.m.

·         October 30 – Hagerstown Mummer’s Parade

·         November 1 – Mercersburg Halloween Parade

·         November 2 – ACM Trip for Seniors

·         November 3 – Mellott Presentation to Seniors – Respect 8:10 a.m.

·         November 8 – Health Fair in lunches

·         November 9 – 8:55 a.m. Central Penn

·         November 10 – Veterans Day Assembly 9:00 a.m.

·         November 11 – No School

·         November 12 – 9th Period - Club Period

·         November 17 – Mellott Presentation to Seniors – Excellence 8:10 a.m.

·         November 20 – 3 Christmas Parades

·         November 23 – Parent Teacher Conferences

·         November 24 – Parent Teacher Conferences

·         November 25-30 No SCHOOL






Elementary Report




I attended a meeting at EFA in Everett on September 28, 2010.

I attended a mandatory PreK Counts meeting in Harrisburg on September 29, 2010.

I attended a PreK Counts Partner meeting on October 4, 2010.

I will be attending the IU Curriculum meeting on October 19, 2010.




·         On October 12, 2010, grade 6 students attended  the Youth Ag Day at the Reed Englert Farm.  Teachers reported that organizing members complimented our Grade 6 students for their wonderful behavior during the event.

·         From October 13 through October 27, 2010 we are holding a fund drive for Sean Mathew Williams.  Sean is a local child who was recently diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Cancer.

·         “McGruff” will be visiting with students during recess on October 26, 2010.

·         Fall Parties will be held on October 29, 2010 in the afternoon.


Pre-K Counts


We currently have 26 students in the PreK grant program.  We still have 4 slots open in the grant.  I have not heard from Ms. Eyer regarding our status or what funding may be reduced.  We currently have 2 students attending as district students who pay $10.00 per day to attend the program.


I attended a mandatory meeting for the program on September 29, 2010.  I learned more about grant updates and trainings for teaching staff.  I also met with our partner, Alleghany Lutheran Ministries, on October 4, 2010 to discuss our partnership and recruitment efforts.  I submitted the Quarterly Narrative Report on October 13, 2010 and Mrs. Schetrompf and I submitted the Quarterly Expenditure Report on October 14, 2010.


Active Schools Grant Update


Installation of all of the equipment is completed.  The sand for the area around the equipment is in the pad area.  We are working to get the sand moved to the appropriate locations.  A huge thank you goes to Mr. Mike Shaw and family for providing most of the labor for this installation.


Building Use Request


·         4H has requested the use of the Elementary Art Room on October 18, 2010 and November 15, 2010 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.





The Kindergarten Longitudinal Study has begun.  Three representatives have come in and done baseline testing with the randomly selected Kindergarten students. The representatives commented that our school is well maintained and our students and staff are wonderful to work with.  The next dates for testing will be April 18-20, 2011.


The elementary received an Exxon Mobil Grant for $750.00 for the nature area.  We are purchasing portable speakers for the amphitheater.


Upcoming Events



25-29               Red Ribbon Week

26                    McGruff Visiting during Recess

27                    End of Marking Period One

29                    Fall Parties



5                                  Reports Cards distributed

7                                  Daylight Saving Time Ends

9                                  Picture Retake Day

10                                Veteran’s Day Assembly 9:00 a.m.

11                                No School-Veteran’s Day

15-19                           Santa Workshop (PTA)

19                                Parent Luncheon

22                                Faculty Meeting

23-24                           Parent-Teacher Conferences

25-30                           No School- Thanksgiving Break



Federal Programs Report


Our ARRA Quarterly Report has been submitted.




Facilities Manager Report




Walkthroughs of both facilities, inside and outside, were completed on October 6 and 7. There were approximately 70 items that were noted as a result of the walkthroughs. There were several items identified that need addressed such as touch up painting, replacing ceiling tiles and other cosmetic needs. Mike and Lowell have already completed several issues that were noted as part of the walkthroughs. Some larger items consisted of rusted I-beam(s) on the front of the high school. Mike has called a professional to get advice on how to best handle that situation. Another area of need was the removal of items in the old elementary, trash behind the garage, etc. Mike and Lowell have begun to throw items out of the old elementary such as busted up chairs, broken student desks and blackboards, broken shelving, old carpet, and other small junk.


At the last board meeting, some concerns were raised.


Having a clearer understanding from all perspectives of the needs of the maintenance department has been very helpful. Thank you!



The application for chlorination of water at the elementary school has been sent to DEP.


The elementary school also received word late Monday afternoon that the latest tests from the lab came back as a non-detect for any bacteria; therefore, the water coolers are no longer needed. They will be removed in the next day or two.




Business Manager Report




Boyer and Ritter CPA’s have completed the audit for the year ending June 30, 2010 and I am in the process of entering and adjusting journal entries and beginning balances for the 2010-2011 school year.  I will be working on the year end report for June 30, 2010 and the first quarter report for September 30, 2010.  They will be handed out at the November 16, 2010 Board Meeting.


FYI - I am a member of the Fulton County Tax Collection Committee and at our last meeting on October 11, 2010, the committee approved Capital Tax Collection Bureau of Harrisburg, PA, to collect Earned Income Tax for Fulton County starting January 1, 2011.  I will be bringing a resolution to the board to be approved in November.


Quarter Reports for ARRA Title I, ARRA IDEA and Academic Achievement Reports have been completed and submitted.



Technology Specialist Report


Server Programs Move


I’m in the process of moving the cafeteria program from its dedicated physical server to a virtual server.  Since the vendor (FSS) supports this environment, this will save the district about $5,000 as there will be no need to purchase a separate dedicated server for this.  The server it is currently on is older and out of warranty.


I’m also in the process of moving our web site from its dedicated server to a virtual server.  This will allow me to remove the old server thus saving electricity.




Supervisor of Special Education Report


Work Session


I attended Forbes Road School District for two days assisting with Compliance Review paperwork.  In turn they will assist us when it is our turn. 


Special Education Advisory Meeting


On September 23 I attended a meeting at the IU to hear the changes coming from the state.  There was also training on how to access the portal from the IU to obtain the paperwork.  The next meeting will be October 20th from 9 – 12.




Currently there are three students being evaluated for special education.  Two were parent referrals and/or suggested by the family physician.  The other was a move in with a current IEP.


Special Education Elementary Life Skills


The Elementary Life Skills Classroom and the High School Classroom will be jointly taking part in activities on 10/22/10 at Central Fulton School District.   


The High School Life Skills Classroom began running their store at the high school over the past month.





Ameri-Corps Position


Mrs. Sipes is working out very well in the district and is assisting with transition assessments and career planning for students who have IEP’s.


Laurel Life


Approximately 30 students were referred for counseling services which is at no cost to the district.


Meetings with Parents and/or Guardians


I have had 32 IEP/ER/Parent meetings since the last board meeting.