Administrative Reports



Southern Fulton School District Board Meeting


Tuesday, December 6, 2011


District Report


Superintendent Meeting


I will be attending a superintendent’s meeting on Thursday, December 8 at the IU.


FCAVTS Meeting


The next vo-tech meeting is scheduled for December 15 at 7:00 PM at the vo-tech office. Mr. Foster and Mr. Burd have visited another vocational program regarding the issue of adult education.


Meeting on Facilities


Mike and I will be meeting with Crabtree Rohrbaugh on Friday, December 16 to begin working on a plan to address facility needs at the high school.


Alternative Education


Diane, Meredith, and I will be visiting James Buchanan High School on December 19 to view their alternative education program.


December 22nd


December 22nd is designated as an early dismissal for students. Teachers will be trained on an anti-bullying program during the afternoon.


Board Training


Will the morning of January 14th work to have our next board training?



High School Report


PA Higher Educational Agency/CAPS Grant


The Southern Fulton High School has been awarded a $9,000 grant to create a college readiness environment (This is $3,000 more than last year).  We have partnered with Juniata College, who also received $9,000 to assist the SFHS students and their families prepare for college.  Some of the activities we have planned are: College visits, Financial Aid Workshops for parents, Admissions Review, and Test Prep.  We are very excited with this endeavor.


PA Council on the Arts


The Southern Fulton High School has been awarded $1,921 by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and Start Something, Inc to host a 10 day Artist Residency project for the first time ever at the high school.  Ms. Mackel is the coordinator for the program and the core group will comprise of her 10th Grade English Literature students.  The program will cover English literature and its historical content in a way that connects different types of dances and music to the subject, from Shakespeare to Post WWII, teaching students important types of dances that marked changes in culture and musical style.  The project will culminate with a free performance in the auditorium during school time, open to all.  The Artist Residency project will begin in May as to avoid the PSSA testing schedule. 


Guidance News


Mrs. Solomon has completed an up-to-date revision of the Jr-Sr High School Curriculum Guide, which will be posted and available on the website in January 2012.  The Curriculum Guide is a compilation of all of the courses that are available to SF students, with a description and pre-requisites.  This has not been updated since 2007. 


In October we had 45 tenth grade students who took the PSAT.  The average reading score was 43.6.  The average math score was 43.5 and the average writing score was 40.4.


Scholastic Scrimmage


In the first tournament of the year, the SF Scholastic Scrimmage team placed third among 32 teams and qualified for nationals.  We were the highest ranking small school at the tournament, defeating numerous large public and private schools.  We will be working on several fundraisers in order to pave our way to Atlanta at the end of May.


Library News


Ms. Adams made $150 from the School Spirit Sale which will go for paperback book covers.  There have been about fifty 2nd hand books donated, but in excellent condition, to the library and many are on the AR test list.  Kelly Sipes has volunteered to start selling school spirit items at some sporting events and the profits will benefit the library – paperback book covers, more books, etc. I have applied for several computer/technology and book grants and their status is pending.  Ms. Adams is currently collecting donations for the Matthew Schreiber’s family until Dec 16th.  The money will be used for buying a gift card so they can purchase groceries.  Checks should be made payable to Angela Adams and all money will be counted and verified by a 3rd party. 








Elementary Report



The Elementary School Olweus Core Team met on December 6, 2011 to review plans for the staff and student roll out. 


Parent-Teacher Conferences were held on November 22 and November 23.  These conferences were well attended.



Building Use Request


I have no building use requests at this time.


Pre-K Counts


I will be attending a required training for the Pre-K Counts grant program on December 7, 2011 from 6:00PM to 9:00PM in Carlisle, PA.



Upcoming Events



12                                7:00 PM Christmas Concert for Grades K-3

13                                7:00 PM Christmas Concert for Grades 4-6

14                                7:00 PM Make up date for Christmas Concert for Grades K-3

15                                7:00 PM Make up date for Christmas Concert for Grades 4-6

22                                11:45 AM Early Dismissal for Act 80

23-30                           No School-Christmas Vacation



2                                  School back in session

10                                PTA Meeting 6:30 PM in the Elementary Library

11                                End of Marking Period Two

16                                No School-Possible Make up Day # 1




Federal Programs Report


I have nothing new to report for this month.



Facilities Manager Report


Building materials have arrived in the last week to start construction of the classroom for the ag department. Also, the proper permits have been obtained.


Labor & Industry recently inspected the steam kettles at the elementary and require new pressure relieve valves to be installed.


Simplex made a repair of a smoke detector and alarm strobe at the elementary.


Fire-x recently completed the fire extinguisher inspection at the elementary. They recharged some units to bring up to code.



Business Manager Report


Reports Submitted

·                     2010-2011 Child Nutrition Financial Report

·                     PDE-363 Funding for Charter Schools-Calculations of Selected Expenditures Per Average Membership for the 2011-2012 School Year


FYI – The 2012-2013 Teacher Requisitions will be going out to teachers on Wednesday, December 7, 2011.  They are to be returned to the building principals on Thursday, December 22, 2011.



Technology Specialist Report


Donated TVs


We have received about ten 25” / 27” TVs from the IU.  These will mostly be used to replace TVs at the ES as current ones fail.


PIMS October Staff Data Submissions:


The PIMS October staff submission has been completed.  This information will be used to calculate our highly qualified teacher (HQT) percentage that PDE does every year.




Supervisor of Special Education Report


School Psychologist


Ms. Carnes attended a Book share work session in Harrisburg and she will be training my staff today on the information she obtained. Ms. Carnes is working closely to help staff with Re-evaluations.  Ms. Carnes attended several parent meetings on Parent Conference Day, which seemed to be received well by the parents.


Special Education Advisory Meeting


Ms. Carnes and I will be attending the Special Education Advisory Meeting on December 14, 2011 at the IU. This is an update on all events statewide in the area of Special Education.  Also, we will be involved in a special meeting following the advisory meeting, to begin Southern Fulton’s Special Education Plan.  Every three years a projected three year plan must be carried out and this will be the first time that we will have a School Psychologist to assist us in the process. 


Parent Requests


We are having more Gifted Evaluation requested.  As soon as the parents make their request in writing to me, we are proceeding on with the evaluation.  Many questions have been raised about what Gifted Education means for a student who has qualified, which has been addressed in writing upon each request.


Phone calls, meetings, and special students


I have spent many, many hours during the school day and at home in the evenings on the phone with parents since our last meeting. I cannot share the specific issues, but some of the issues center around:  Transportation, Attendance, Mental Health Services, Related Services, IEP Goals, and Accommodations v/s Adaptations


Penn Data Tracking – (Child Count)


All numbers and paperwork had to be up to date in order to obtain the funds the district is allowed through the state.  The next count will be at the end of the school year and the numbers will be finalized.  Thanks to Connie, it appears that our district is looking pretty good. (112) students not counting 504’s, Gifted, and Christian School students. 



Contingency Funds


Debbie and I will be getting together before the holidays to complete the contingency paperwork to see if our district is eligible for the funds again this year.