Administrative Reports



Southern Fulton School District Board Meeting


Tuesday, September 20, 2011


District Report


Board Policies:


I am continuing to work on updating board policies.




Information was sent home to parents and the alert now system was also used. Data has been collected. Lori will be uploading this information in the system.


Organization – Board Member:


Currently, I serve as a board member for the Fulton County Center for Families (FCCF) which provides many services to our county including pre-school age children.


I also serve as a board member for PA Association of Rural and Small Schools (PARSS). We meet about 5 times per year. My first meeting for this school year is this Friday in State College.


Teacher Evaluation Training:


Meredith, Theresa, Diane, and I will be attending two follow up trainings on teacher evaluations which is a continuation of the summer training that we had through the IU.




I have made the decision to stop purchasing milk in plastic containers. The price is now .04 cents higher than cardboard with only .02 cents being reimbursed for recycling.


The dishwasher at the high school has been down three times in three weeks, the steamer in both cafeterias have also been down and an oven at the elementary is not working. I have called Dave from Metz. We will be doing a walkthrough to prioritize equipment needs on Monday, September 26, 2011.


Upcoming Meetings:


October 5 – Township Supervisors

October 6 – Community Relations Meeting

October 7 – Ministerium



High School Report


Open House Attendance:


This year there were 42 parents in attendance at the high school open house.  The evening was run on a bell schedule so that parents could “attend” each class.


Fall Sports Numbers:


Cross Country = 23

Jr High Soccer = 15

Varsity Soccer = 15

Jr High VBall = 19

JV Vball = 16

Varsity VBall = 16


Elementary Basketball:


This year, the coaches for the elementary basketball program are going to utilize the varsity athletes to assist them with the younger students.  Mr. Hollenshead (girls coach) and Mr. Potter (boys coach) are working closely together to ensure that Mrs. DeShong’s program stays intact and continues to breed success. 


Enrollment at High School:


   2011-12 year                                    2010-11 year

7th Grade = 72

8th Grade = 72

9th Grade = 62

10th Grade = 77

11th Grade = 72

12th Grade = 69

Total = 424                                          Total = 399


Course Enrollments Update



8/16/2011 Enrollment




2 D Art

Carolyn Mottern




Adv Earth/Space Science

Jon Diffenderfer




Advanced Physics

Judy Schriver




Anatomy & Physiology ACM

Kent Hendershot


Cancelled by ACM


AP Stats

Stephanie Hartman




Basic Geometry

Julie Dickerhoff




Graphic Design

Carolyn Mottern




History 101 - ACM



Cancelled by ACM


Phil of History & Religion

Yvonne Griest





Joe Hollenshead




Spanish IV

Cindy Layton









Vo-Tech Classes





Ag Mechanics

Rebecca Mosemann




Construction Trades

Steve Sellers





Todd Wolford




Wildlife & Fisheries

Rebecca Mosemann




(Eight classes at less than 10 students)


Upcoming Events:


  • September 26 – 9th Period Lock Haven Rep Here
  • September 30 – High School Drama Performance
  • October 1 – High School Drama Performance
  • October 5 – Shippensburg College Trip
  • October 7 – Club Period 9th period
  • October 7 – Last day to register for November SAT at SFHS
  • October 12 – PSATs
  • October 13 – Senior Golf Trip
  • October 14 – Trade off day
  • October 15 – FFFF Parade
  • October 18 – 6th pd 11:50 California University of PA Rep Here



Elementary Report




I held two trainings at the elementary for teachers.  On August 1, 2011 we reviewed PSSA data and looked at areas for improvement.  On August 9, 2011, we began reviewing data in the first planning meeting for moving from a Title I targeted program to a Title I school-wide program.


Meet the teacher night was well attended for each grade level. 


Grandparent Luncheon was also well attended with approximately 275 visitors. I extend many thanks to the wonderful volunteers that assisted with this event.


The elementary school held a moment of silence on Friday, September 9, 2011, to remember and honor the heroes and victims of September 11, 2001.


The mobile dentist program was finally able to travel to the elementary on Friday, September 16, 2011.  Forty-two students were able to be seen by the dentist.


The elementary school recognized Constitution Day on Friday, September 16, 2011.


We have wonderful volunteers from the high school.  These students help in the elementary three days per week as of now.  They assist in many areas.


Pre-K Counts:

Our PreK Counts grant enrollment for the 2011-2012 school year is 25 students.  There is one grant slot that is still open.

The mandatory Fall Regional Meeting is being held on Tuesday, October 18, at the Harrisburg PaTTAN.  The PreK grant will pay for travel expenses.


Current Grade Level Enrollment for 2011-12:     


      2011-12 year                                                                         2010-11 year          

PreK:               25                                                                    PreK:               27

Kindergarten:  53                                                                    Kindergarten:  57

Grade 1:          52                                                                    Grade 1:          54

Grade 2:          53                                                                    Grade 2:          56

Grade 3:          58                                                                    Grade 3:          73

Grade 4:          67                                                                    Grade 4:          57

Grade 5:          52                                                                    Grade 5:          62

Grade 6:          61                                                                    Grade 6:          75

Total K-6:        396                                                                  Total K-6:        434

Total PreK-6:  421                                                                  Total PreK-6:  461


Upcoming Events:



21                                Bible Release begins for Grade 6

26                                PTA Meeting 6:30 PM in the Elementary Library

28                                Bible Release begins (3-5)



4                                  Agriculture Day (Grade 6)

7                                  Good News Club begins (K-2)                      

14                                No School-Teacher In-Service

17-21                           Elementary Scholastic Book Fair



Federal Programs Report


All required reports have been submitted.  Mrs. Cutchall has requested to attend a one day conference on Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and Dysgraphia on November 18, 2011, in Altoona, PA.  This will be paid through Title II funding.



Facilities Manager Report


Replacement chiller is to be at the elementary on Wednesday, September 21, 2011.


The problem with the pneumatic control system for the HVAC at the high school has been “fixed”. There are a few relays and controls that need to be replaced which have been ordered.


There was an electrical problem at the high school this morning. At the time of writing the report, Lowell and I were troubleshooting the issue.



Business Manager Report


I will be finishing up Pupil Transportation Reports PDE-2089 and PDE-1049 by the end of the week and submitting.


Final ARRA Reports for SFSF, IDEA, Title I and EduJobs for 2010-2011 have been submitted.


The 2011-2012 Quarter Report for IDEA Section 611 has been submitted.


On 8/5/11, three CDs matured earning $16,529.68 interest.  Two new CDs were purchased and will mature on 8/5/13.  On 8/23/11, two more CDs matured earning $7,308.97 interest.  Four new CDs were purchased:  two will mature on 2/20/13, one will mature on 2/25/14, and one will mature on 8/26/13. The news CDs have been set to mature at different times so that they fall in line with future debt service payments.


The Rental Subsidy Payment for the 2003 Bonds that were paid off was received on 8/25/11.  This payment plus the 2009-10 fund balance were transferred to the tax stabilization fund and four CDs were purchased.  Two will mature on 2/26/14, and two will mature on 8/30/13.  They have also been set to mature on dates close to future debt service payments.


The appraisal company came in prior to the start of school and scanned all tagged items.  I have also submitted to them all the information they have requested to complete the appraisal.  We are waiting for the final report.



Technology Specialist Report


Mr. Leisher had nothing to report.



Supervisor of Special Education Report


School Psychologist:


 We have had several difficult meetings since the beginning of the school year. Miss Carnes has demonstrated professionalism and knowledge in these meetings, which have assisted in the meetings running smoothly.


Crisis Prevention Intervention Training:


Special Education Teachers and Para Professionals had CPI training during the first week of school and the IU sent the trainer down last week to provide one-on-one assistance to those who needed more practice with the hands on part of the training.  The trainer is planning on coming down monthly to provide this opportunity.   


Special Education Advisory Meeting:


 The Special Education Advisory Meeting is scheduled for Friday, September 23, 2011, at the IU.


September 21, 2011:


There is a mandatory meeting at the IU for PIMS.  Connie, Doug, and I will be attending as mandated by the state.


Life Skills Work Experience:


 Students with IEP’s must have transition skills and experience prior to graduating. Four students are going to the elementary school three days a week to carry out jobs that were outlined in a job coaching book.  Mrs. Keefer and Mrs. Sipes are the supervisors of the student work program.  The students are doing an excellent job and the elementary staff members are very supportive as well as appreciative.  If you are interested in seeing a copy of the job descriptions; let me know. Halfway through the school year, we would like to increase the number of days the students work their jobs.  Currently they are working Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  (Hours of work experience are 12:15 – 3:00)


IEP Meetings:


Since the start of the 2011/2012 school year there has been 18 IEP meetings.