The S.F. Trading Post is open for business during the entire school year and by special request during the summer. It is run and managed by Miss Angela Adams the high school librarian and ESL teacher/coordinator. Miss Adams has two annual sales each year, during the Fall and during the Spring to coordinate with the elementary schools arts festival where she sets up a booth. During these time specific clothing sizes, styles and embellishments can be ordered. Order forms containing items to be sold, prices, etc. will be sent out at the appropriate times. Listed below are items Miss Adams currently has available for immediate purchase. Prices and availability of items are subject to change without notice. Please contact Miss Adams at the following telephone numbers and/or e-mail addresses to inquire about items for sale or to make suggestions for future items to be sold. 814-735-4029 home 717-294-3251 x206 school home school




Seat cushions Portfolios with paper

Lunch bags Gym bags

Lanyards Pins

Key chains Stickers

Cloth patches Megaphones

Garbage cans Pompoms

Jumbo umbrellas Foam fingers

Headbands Wristbands

Athletic socks Book socks (cloth covers)

Coffee mugs Glass mugs

Travel mugs Pens









Maroon sizes: Ysm, Ymd, Asm, A3x

Grey sizes: T2, T3, T4, Ysm, Ymed, Ylg, Asm, Alg, Axl, A2x, A3x

Tan sizes: Ysm, Axl

Pink sizes: Ymed



Grey sizes: Ylg

Flowered grey sizes: Amed

Maroon sizes: Alg



Maroon sizes: Ysm, Ymed

Grey sizes: Ysm, Asm

Pink sizes: Ysm, Ymed, Ylg


Miscellaneous shirts:

Maroon baseball jersey type sizes: Ysm, Axl, A2x

Maroon and white baseball jersey sizes: Ysm

Maroon tie-dye sizes: Ysm

Striped baseball sizes: Ylg

Grey sleeveless sizes: Ysm, Amed

Grey polo sizes: Ymed

Grey long sleeve sizes: Axl

Multi colored tie-dye sizes: A2x

Maroon mesh football jersey sizes: Axl


Miscellaneous jackets:

Maroon zip up fleece sizes: Ymed

Maroon fleece pullover sizes: Ymed, Axl

Non-fleece jacket sizes: Ym







Grey sizes: Ysm, Ymed, Ylg, Asm, Amed, Alg, Axl, A2x, A3x

Grey with drawstring sizes: Asm, Amed, Alg, Axl

Dark grey with drawstring sizes: Al

Maroon sizes: Ysm


Sweatpants and windbreaker pants:

Grey sizes: Ysm, Ymed, Asm, Amed, Alg, Axl, A2x, A3x

Maroon sizes: Ysm, Ymed, Ylg, Asm, Amed, Alg, Axl, A2x, A3x

Pink non-cuff sizes: Alg, Axl

Maroon windbreaker sizes: Alg


Miscellaneous seconds at a discount:

Grey hoodie Kids size small with Stephanie on the back

Grey hoodie Adult size large with Krista on the back


Miscellaneous clothing:

Pink camo hat




Toboggans (knit caps)